The American Trinity

What is it that sets America apart and above other nations? Dennis Prager explains. If you haven’t discovered Rightnetwork, watch this video and then go check it out.

Tea Party Backed Candidates a Force to be Reckoned With

Excellent article on Fox News’ website regarding establishment Republicans and how they have been just as vulnerable in this primary season as Democrats will be in a few weeks in the general election. We have to keep the momentum!!!

Memo to the GOP Establishment–Shut Up and Get to Work!

I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes…and Kudzu

Why is our city being overrun by weeds? Especially kudzu? Anytime my wife and I go out for a run or walk through town lately, we notice that weeds and grass are sprouting up everywhere. Up until about a week or so ago one could barely navigate the riverwalk where it passes underneath Bibb Graves bridge because the walkway was practically covered in kudzu. In fact, there are several places along the riverwalk where weeds and very high grass not only obscure the view of our beautiful river but provide a perfect place for snakes and other critters to hang out. I don’t know about you but I’m not fond of having a haven for these slithery ne’er-do-wells so close to where lots of people, namely me, walk, run, ride bikes, and push strollers. It’s not only on the riverwalk but other places around town, too. Drive around a little and you’ll likely see what I’m talking about. I do realize that the kudzu in the bridge area was just cut back, but if you are familiar with kudzu you know that it grows at a rate of about 17 feet a day(that’s only a slight exaggeration) and it won’t be any time before the bridge is covered in fuzzy, itchy leaves again.

I know that several city council meetings back, there was some discussion about spraying these areas so that they aren’t such an eyesore and overall nuisance and, make no mistake, they are an eyesore. What I have heard second-hand is that at least two city council members were vehemently opposed to spraying these areas to kill the weeds. I’m not sure what their reasoning is but unless it’s going to cause the river to dry up or kill any living thing that may come into contact with whatever chemical kills the weeds then my vote goes to spraying it. Maybe some of you who were at the meeting in question can fill the rest of us in on why The City of Natural Beauty is becoming a little bit too natural. I think it was Councilman Greg Jones who brought up the need for getting rid of these weeds. Let me know if you can provide more details.

Which reminds me, I need to trim my shrubs Saturday. Anyone who wants to help can come on over at your leisure.

On an unrelated note: If you haven’t checked out The Wetumpka Herald’s new website, you really need to. It has a ton more content than it did before and has now become a daily destination for me. Kudos to everybody at the Herald for making the changes!

Terry Jones, Koran Burning Pastor, is a Nutjob

By Jason Glenn, Pastor
Upton Baptist Church
Upton, Kentucky
Since I first heard about the Florida pastor who plans to burn a Koran in protest of whatever it is he’s protesting, my only reaction was, “What a nut! Move along people, there’s nothing to see here.” That’s typically what I think about anyone who wants to burn a book, any book. Book burning seems so “Nazi-like” and creepy and all. Wait, come to think of it, this guy’s “church” did originate in Germany. But I digress…
Anyhow, I figured if I was going to write this blog, I had better come up with a better reason to object to this Koran-burning stunt. So, I spent the better part of half an hour thinking about it and reading what’s being said out there concerning this guy, which, as it turns out, is a lot. This led me to the first reason why I think this is a crazy idea. I’m diametrically opposed to any action by any moron that makes me think, “You know, Hillary is right…”
But then I thought, “Come on. Be serious. That’s not how you ‘win friends and influence people.’” This led me to another reason to protest this guy’s protest. The Lord has commissioned His church to win the lost; and this ain’t how it’s done. The church is to be about the Lord’s business, which is proclaiming life and light in Jesus Christ to a dying world held captive by the kingdom of darkness. Apparently, “pastor” Terry Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center are only concerned with building a kingdom of themselves; there is no way the Kingdom of Christ can be advanced through what he’s doing.
Because of this, I say to “pastor” Jones, “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” (Romans 2:24) God will hold him accountable.
This led me to another passage of Scripture, and to another reason I think this guy is a wing nut.
I suppose Terry Jones calls himself a Christian. I know he calls himself a pastor, as do the 40 or 50 members of his “church.” Here is my primary point of objection. I am a Christian and I am a pastor. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and I love the church and I love being a pastor. I love being called “pastor.” And I can’t even begin to praise God enough that He has called me to this high and holy calling. Wow!
I don’t believe that Terry Jones and I share the same Lord or the same calling.
As a Christian, I judge myself according to the ONLY book that has ever existed or ever will exist that IS God’s Word – the Bible. And especially as a pastor, I judge myself by the characteristics God says one must have to fill the office in passages of Scripture like 1 Timothy 3:1-7. When I read this passage with Terry Jones in mind, I especially thought of verse 7, “Furthermore, he must have a good reputation among outsiders, so that he does not fall into disgrace and the Devil’s trap.”
Terry Jones has fallen into a trap set by Satan, a trap that Satan sets for all pastors – acting in public in a way that scandalizes the name of Christ and the office of pastor. He is a disgrace and should repent of these actions, cancel his publicity stunt, and pray for God’s mercy.

Okay…Here We Go! Jazz and Blues Festival Time!

Lots of people have expressed a desire to help start planning the inaugural Coosa River Jazz and Blues Festival. If you are one of those people or want to be one of those people, plan on coming to San Marcos in Wetumpka on Monday, September 6, at 7:00 p.m. for an organizational meeting to share your thoughts and ideas. I promise we won’t keep you out too late unless you just want to be out late! I know it’s Labor Day but hopefully you’ll be done with your Labor Day partying by then. Spread the word and mark your calendars and we’ll see you then!

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