About J. Thad Hankins

I’ve got theories and opinions and ideas. They bounce around inside my rather sizable skull, a 7 3/8 size baseball cap is a tad snug, and sometimes find their way here to The View From We2. Aptly named as said views belong to me, J. Thad Hankins, and I happen to live in a beautiful little city in Alabama called Wetumpka, often shortened to Wetu or, simply, We2. It’s a native American word meaning rumbling water. The Coosa River runs right through the middle of town and is absolutely gorgeous. North of the Bibb Graves bridge you’ll find numerous class I, II, and III rapids, the most notable being Moccasin Gap which is home to the annual Coosa River Whitewater Festival. South of the bridge, the water flows lazily toward Montgomery where it meets up with the Tallapoosa, eventually forming the Alabama River. It’s a great place to live with my wife, son, and daughter. I love to laugh but love to make people laugh even more. Disney World and New Orleans are my two favorite places to spend time away from home, followed closely by Destin, Florida. I’m an observer of and sometimes participant in governmental and political affairs. I’m an ordained minister but ministry is no longer my vocation. My views are decidedly conservative but as I get older, I find myself sharing those views in a softer, more compassionate way. We can disagree vehemently on a range of issues and I’ll still go to dinner or just hang out with you. You’re free to be wrong without being disliked by me. I love sports, particularly football, specifically University of Alabama football. Boring? Perhaps. Me? Absolutely.

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