Think. Just, think.

There are far too few people in this country who think for themselves, irrespective of political affiliation.

Too much ridiculous hyperbole.

Too many cults of personality.

Too much media more interested in pushing an agenda than informing the populace.

Too many weak-minded people who believe everything they hear from the “leaders” of their side.

Way, way, way too many politicians who see themselves as dignitaries instead of servants.

Too much government that wants to micromanage everything. Like, literally everything.

Too many people who want more government.

Too many people who fly into a rage at the sight of somebody just wearing a red hat.

Too many people whose behavior toward the leader of their political party borders on idol worship.

Too little use of simple, basic logic.

Too many intellectual weaklings who get offended all the dadgum time.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that even though there are lots of issues that are clearly black and white, there is also a lot more gray area than I used to be willing to acknowledge. Even if I am 100% convinced that I’m right on an issue itself, maybe the way I’ve handled that issue in my life is wrong.

Practice a little critical thinking. Educate yourself. Read something besides useless Facebook posts like this one. Entertain the possibility that you might just be wrong on an issue.

And, for goodness’ sake, calm down. Breathe, chill, relax, and maybe consider shutting up sometimes. It’s good for your blood pressure.

Enjoy your Saturday. I’ll be at World Market in a little while because they’re going out of business and I’d hate myself if I didn’t go try to pick up a bag or two of fancy pork skins or some Swedish candy I’ve never heard of for 50% off.


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