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If virtue signaling by white people on social media was an Olympic sport, half my timeline would be headed to Tokyo next year. DOING what we post about is a heckuva lot harder than just talking about it.

BE kind and DO right by as many human beings as you can. Give a crap about your fellow man and hold your leaders responsible for their actions or lack thereof. All of them. Not just the ones you disagree with politically. Sometimes we can do that passively. Sometimes we have no choice but to do it actively. That can be uncomfortable and/or inconvenient. Maybe the guy you love and voted for actually IS part of the problem but you always want to blame the other guy, well, because he’s the other guy and your guy really LOVES America. Demand that the people you vote for hold themselves to the highest standards. If they don’t, campaign for the person who runs against them next time and send them home. If they are in a position of public SERVICE and they don’t appear to be SERVING, then they probably need to move on.

When you see injustice, do what you can to correct it and encourage others to do the same. Even if others aren’t willing, still do it. People in positions of authority and influence often forget what their purpose is and to remind them is an act of service to the community at large although I think answering the senseless violence of an individual or entity with even more violence on a mass scale does more damage than any perceived good.

Life is tough and unfair and brutal and fleeting. Just getting through it every day can be a royal pain in the tuchus. We could all use some help with it and we could all stand to offer some help to someone who needs it.

Anyway, looks like I just became a virtue signaling white person. Dadgum. Guess I’ll shut my idealist pie hole.

Y’all be good.

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  1. Love this post. Thanks, Cuz. The real Olympics got postponed, so mine as well participate in these…

    And I love your point about holding the people you like accountable. I gotta lotta calls to make.

    Glad you’re a pain in my tuchus. Keep writing.

    Evelyn That Pacific Northwest Cousin xoxo


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