My new blog! YAY! (And a short story about Subway)

So, I’ve started a blog. With a picture of Sid McKissick on it. The post has absolutely nothing to do with Sid but I just thought I’d put a picture of him on here. Sid is a professional CBR bullfighter with 9 1/2 fingers. Bulls are mean and I think a crazy one chewed one of his fingers off one night or something. I’m not sure. If you see Sid, tell him I said hello. Anyway, no matter how many publications I read or websites I visit, nobody seems to be writing about the things that I think are very important to life in Wetumpka, or at least the way that I want them too. There is a lot going on that for whatever reason goes unreported or untalked (did I just create a word?) about. So, as I said, I’m starting a blog. Some days I may update it multiple times, some days maybe not at all, but I’ll try to do at least one post a day. If anyone would like to share something to post to this blog just send me an email and we’ll put it on there! I also would love suggestions and comments! You can even tell me I’m wrong about something or disagree with me. What a concept, huh? I promise I’ll forgive you once you realize I’m actually right! Anyway, probably some politics, stories, observations and whatever else comes into my mind. By the way, I realize that there may only be one person, if that many, who ever will read anything I post but that’s okay because mostly it’s for me so my head won’t explode when things happen like they did tonight at Subway when fisticuffs almost broke out between me and the effeminate guy who works there. Don’t say “My nerves have just about had it” when I simply, politely ask if we can buy a sandwich at the flippin‘ sandwich store! I’ve never worked at a fast-food joint before but it would seem that if sandwiches are your specialty then someone coming in and ordering one wouldn’t catch you by surprise so much that you HAVE NO BREAD!!! Let me just say that he didn’t like being called “buddy” or “hoss” both of which I called him multiple times. Anyway, whatever became of customer service in this country? But, perhaps that is a topic I should save until later. Read, comment, submit, do something! But let’s have fun!

14 thoughts on “My new blog! YAY! (And a short story about Subway)

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  1. I would like more details of the Subway encounter… Followed by a response from the management of said Subway. Or, since this is April Fools, couldn’t you have least blogged about beating the crap out of him, forcing him to make bread and then said April Fools or something? For me, I need resolution… Which in case you can’t tell, involves free sandwiches from the manager or someone getting pounded for being a smart***.

  2. Management on every level will be talked to tomorrow. I even went back in at one point when I mistakenly thought one of the other guys who worked there said something about me. I was incensed to say the least. I like to think I could have whipped the guy. It sure would have been sad if he had come over the counter and put a beatdown on me! You know what I mean, with me screaming in a girly-voice, “Somebody get him off me!”

  3. i agree that there should be free sandwiches out of this experience. and customer service? what is that? it exists rarely, if at all, in this country. our family traveled to north georgia a few years ago and ate in a subway-like establishment and also shopped in a few local stores. even our children commented on how nice everyone there was to us the moment we opened the door to enter their businesses. for children under the age of twelve to recognize that their own hometown does not offer such “hospitality” in the business world is very sad, i think. i could understand if maybe they ran out of, say, pickles…but BREAD????? are you kidding me? ridiculous. and for what it’s worth, putting the picture of sid up was a real hook! sid’s a great guy. and another thing…why am i up at two in the morning blogging? oh yeah, now i remember…allergies!!! 🙂

  4. I always say it doesn’t matter what establishment opens here, Wetumpka will mess it up. Especially your chain resteraunts. I do have to make a positive statement though. I drove through KFC Tuesday at lunch and the young man at the window really went out of his way to be nice. I have gotten so accustomed to not expecting this treatment that I was surprised. That is sad I know but since we all make a point to tell the bad stuff I thought this should be noted. He said, I hope you enjoy, and have a great day and he didn’t appear to be in pain from saying it.

  5. Subway in Wetumpka is a joke. I have called to get a sandwich tray, which by the way is about 6 sandwiches cut up. And they need 24 hours notice to make one. What if six people came in at the same time and ordered sandwiches, wouldn’t that be the same thing?! I just call the one in Eclectic now they are so nice and go out of their way to help you! But it is sad because I would much rather use the one in Wetumpka. And hey my hubby would have been right there with you ready to scrap with the “sandwich artist”. Blog on my friend!

  6. Thad…this subway story is too much. I think this kind of stuff follows you…lol. However, I do not understand how you can run out of bread, crazy. Whatever became of this??JN

  7. Thad, Think that your favorite Subway sandwich artist may be looking for a new job. Visited Subway today and another artist was talking loudly to said artist. When the artist assisting me came back out, he apologized and said that said artist only had 2 more days on the job and that he “got into it with a customer.” Wonder if that was you?

  8. That would not surprise me one bit. Probably was referring to me though he does appear to have a short fuse. Maybe he’s been getting into it with other customers, too! Maybe it’ll be safe for me to go back in a couple of days!

  9. yeah i used to work at that subway about 2 years ago, we had a few really good staff members there at one point in time, i remember you (thad) coming in there pretty often and getting some honey oat bread i believe and i wanna say turkey sandwich or chicken breast but i cant remember. that place is now filthy, especially the restrooms. if you havent gotten ahold of the owners, contact corporate subway online, that usually gets people in the most trouble……

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