I got a mention on one of them there, sho’ ’nuff big city NYC blogs!

Elizabeth Spiers, who grew up here in Wetumpka, made a pretty big name for herself by blogging and subsequently becoming the founding editor of a weblog called Gawker.com. Read her bio here. http://www.elizabethspiers.com/about.html  

Anyway, she grew up here and actually went to FBC Wetumpka and graduated from Edgewood Academy. She is involved in all sorts of things now and is a very talented, witty writer. Google her and you can read lots of her stuff and find out all sorts of interesting things about her. Here is the site where she mentioned this blog again. http://spiers.tumblr.com/  Go check it out…

4 thoughts on “I got a mention on one of them there, sho’ ’nuff big city NYC blogs!

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  1. I don’t believe in giving “shout outs” to people who do nothing but talk bad about the city that they grew up in on every blog and/or website that they have ever been involved in. I realize that you don’t like where you grew up, because you take ever opportunity to say so, but the city made you who you are today. Apparently, you are proud of what you have accomplished and you should be, but just because those of us your age did not opt to move to New York does not make ignorant, closed-minded, or less than you in any way. I have read many of your blogs and I don’t appreciate the way you talk about Alabamians because remember you are one whether you want to admit it or not. You help to validate the stereotype that the rest of the country has created about us.

  2. Well, having lived in Wetumpka for most of my life, I think I know whereof I speak. So if there’s anything negative (and most of it isn’t, so I’m not even sure to what you’re referring), it’s not me responding to a stereotype, it’s me relaying what I actually experienced. New York isn’t for everyone, and I have never suggested that it was. But I’m not going to apologize for my opinions. (At least when I write criticism, I have the guts to put my name on the piece, Mr or Mrs. Anonymous.)

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