Are You A Proponent of Big Government? Socialism?

If so, then go ahead and skip this post. I won’t wax philosophical on this topic just yet but I did want to share this with everyone who might accidentally stumble across this page.

I just had a gentleman come into the office who is out going door-to-door to promote the Tax Day Tea Party for our area. It is ridiculous how politicians have completely subverted the will of the people and are taking us down the very slippery slope toward socialism at a break-neck speed.

The Tri-County Tea Party will be on April 15th, at high noon at 11 South Union Street in Montgomery, also known as The Alabama State House. There are over 300 of these rallies going on nationwide on tax day and I hope that ours draws a lot of support. Hope to see you there. To go to the Tea Party website, copy and paste this link..

3 thoughts on “Are You A Proponent of Big Government? Socialism?

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  1. Wetumpka is also hosting their own TEA party. It will be on the 15th at 12pm at Gold Star Park.And also, this Saturday at 11am at Gold Star Park they are going to gather and make signs which people can come out and participate and meet others who plan to attend the rally.

  2. I am happy to see grassroots efforts, but the media will work overtime to quell any evidence of such. They only tell what makes the liberals look good and report conservatives as a bunch of right wing nuts. I think the slippery slope is greased and all we can hope for is a dynamic Reaganesque leader to relentlessly hammer the socialist, populist liberals that have been stalwart in their attack on freedom…

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