Anybody See This?!?! How Crazy!!! Click Here…

Hey kettle(Fox News), yeah it’s me the pot(CNN). I just wanted to call and let you know that you’re black.

So, it’s acceptable for liberal CNN to be the extreme left wing pro-big government advocate but not acceptable for Fox News to cover a tea-party that is on the opposite side of those views. Nice.

What a maroon!

2 thoughts on “Anybody See This?!?! How Crazy!!! Click Here…

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  1. How about you heard about Cindy Shehan for about 6 months. She had like 500 protesters with her. Close to 200,000 conservatives show up for a tea party and you will never hear anything else in the mainstream media about it. Now they say they are only single issue voters. I guess the illegals who protested, and fought with police, over imigration reform were also concerned with….. well something else too. Uh oh, I just thought of something. Does saying this kind of stuff make me a right wing terrorist? I’m going to end up on a watch list somewhere. Crap!

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