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After talking with several people who read my post about some sort of music festival in Wetumpka, I have come to the conclusion that I am not the only person who’d like to see something like this happen. If you were going to be involved in the planning of something like this (and you can be), what sort of direction would you like to see it go?

What sort of acts would you like to see? What sort of vendors? What could a festival in Wetumpka be called? I would love to hear as many ideas as you can come up with. Just remember, we really want it to be unique. Not just a carbon copy of the same things everybody else does. If you’d rather not post here, email me at

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  1. Since we have rock and country music festivals, I would like to see it go more folk/easy listening maybe. Arlo Guthrie, Gordon Lightfoot, maybe some celtic bands,and the like. Lazin & Listenin on the Coosa or in the Park? The Gold Star Concert series? lol Like I said before, we can make it the weekend after the brown bag concerts as a "blow out". Usually the brown bag concerts are local talent, we can include a couple of the performers from the week. Make them the "opening performers". We could have food vendors, local "brown bag" lunches, local churches etc vending their homemade items, craft vendors, etc. Or just keep it simple and allow picnic/coolers and let people come to hear the musicians.If it's free, the City needs to get money some way to pay for it, and you have to think about parking. Lord knows that's been a thorn in the side for years. I don't mind parking down by the thrift store and beyond, but there are a lot of people who do. Maybe a shuttle from the armory or Walmart/Lowes? Food world parking lot? Since it's not being used much, lol. I'm sure I'll think of something else…..Genie Webber

  2. No country? How rude! Lol! I think that having local acts and also some that originated from the area is a good idea. Jamey Johnson (I know, I know, he’s country) is from Montgomery. Just a suggestion. Also, while country may not be your bag of chips, it will attract people in this area. I think that having vendors similar to what is available at the flea market in Santuck is a good idea. The main thing in my opinion would be starting out simple and letting it grow in accordance to its needs.

  3. JK about no country, Jessica. I like Zac Brown Band, remember. I would love to have someone who plays a sort of Nickel Creek modern bluegrass/country style. Starting simple is what I’d want to do. Maybe just on a Saturday, but do a really high quality event. Then, when people see that it is a quality, unique, fun event, it can grow from there. Ask around and get opinions from people. In the next few weeks I’m thinking it might be a good idea to just have some people who are interested in helping out or offering ideas get together and just see what we can come up with.

  4. Genie…you are thinking along the same lines I am. Write stuff down!Cici…What an excellent idea! It crossed my mind that Jubilee does this but for some reason I never tied it to what we might do in Wetumpka. I love the Jubilee print every year.Anonymous…love the blues and jazz. Any suggestions?

  5. I'll put some thought into suggestions (blues & jazz.) Off the top of my head, there is a great cajun style blues band out of LA that plays around the South East called Big Al & the Heavyweights. Another called The Beat Daddys. Both are AWESOME & write/sing their own stuff plus do some familiar covers. I have no idea what their rates are but might be worth checking into if this thing gets going.

  6. There is a local man, Larry Payne, who plays in a jazz band in Florida. Larry was the “token white boy” once upon a time for Barry White. They play at The Red Bar. There is video there to see. It is not my kind of jazz, but I appreciate them as musicians. He may have some ideas for people too. I will ask either him or his wife when she comes to get her nails done.I think the contest for a poster idea is great!See, this is the kind of music I am talking about! cajun music which is kinda country, bluegrass, something that is not totally one thing or another. Something different. I personally like all kinds of music from bluegrass, to the blues to classical. I even like bag pipe and celtic music. 🙂 There are several names in music who will play small venues. I can only think of country ones though. ;)lol I think using some local people and maybe some from the brown bag concerts is a good idea. Thinking of the bb concerts, they are May through June right? We don’t want to run into July 4th. August is too hot, and school starts then.(I often wondered why there was nothing going on in Aug., lol)In Sept-Nov there is friday night football and school bands have competitions on some Saturday’s then playoffs. Then the holiday’s….Jan-March is cold, wet. April is Easter and then May is Jubilee. Maybe June will be the best month.We really need to give this “thing” a name. It will seem more real, I mean if we are gonna go for it. lolGenie Webber

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