Here Is My Question For The Evening…

How in the world have I been missing out on hummus for 40 years? And what exactly is a chickpea? Never mind on the chickpea thing. OK, I’m not ashamed to say it. I LOVE HUMMUS!!! And cake.

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  1. I actually think I have been operating under the mistaken idea that hummus was the stuff made out of sheep intestines and other unsavory animal parts. Turns out that’s haggis. Boy, do I feel dumb.

  2. Haggis is actually very good. 🙂 It’s sheep hearts, kidney, liver, and spices. It’s traditionally cooked in the, VERY cleaned, stomach that is turned inside out. lol Now a days it’s boiled in a thick bag. Silly man….I miss the Highland Games at the Shakespear Festival. Hummus is ok, lol too garlicy or vinegary for me though. I’m not much of a bean person anyway. Now cake….don’t get me started.Genie Webber

  3. BTW, I have an old recipe for Haggis. 😉 It’s just hard to buy the ingredients, unless you want a 10 lb box of sheep hearts and livers etc. in your freezer. Genie

  4. I always wanted to go to the Highland Games and didn’t. Dang. I would try some Haggis if you cooked it but I don’t want to. Describing it just made it sound even worse. YUCK!

  5. I completely agree. I think I will post tomorrow and maybe just see if people who are interested in talking about the prospect of a festival would want to get together somewhere one night. I am really wanting to go for it! I really think the city would get behind it also. Several people have expressed an interest in it and it seems to be an idea that can work! What do you think about a meeting of some sort, Genie?

  6. A meeting? lol Creating a festival of some sort with music? (I think there was a post missing, not sure) A festival is a wodnerful idea. I’ll break out my old Scottish recipe book and get to cookin. ;)Genie

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