Q&A Postponed For A Day

Hey, that rhymes. Just heard from the guy who is the subject of our first Q&A. He said he has been extremely busy but promised me that he’d have his answers back to me tomorrow. I told him that if he didn’t…well, I didn’t tell him anything. But if I would have it would have been very mean and tough sounding. Not actually tough, though. Just tough sounding. I’m a lover, not a fighter. Well, really I’m not that either. I’m just a plain ol’ no-talent dude. But I’m not a fighter for sure. Which reminds me of a funny story. Then again, pretty much everything reminds me of a funny story. Maybe I will post that one later tonight. It’s about my boxing career. But I digress. Q&A tomorrow unless something crazy happens. New post tonight if I can stay awake. Not that anyone cares…

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