A Compliment From A Soccer Mom. I Think.

At my wife’s dance recital this past weekend, a dancing mom came up to me and said something along the lines of, “You were a topic of conversation at a soccer party the other day. Were your ears burning?” They were not. What guy wouldn’t love to be the topic of conversation among soccer moms at a soccer team party? That’s the stuff of which dreams are made. However, given my lack of charm, looks, or any other appreciable physical asset or character trait, I immediately began wondering what horrific negative things these people were talking about. Much to my delight, that wasn’t the case either.

What this mom said to me was, and I am paraphrasing here, “Someone asked if anyone read Thad Hankins’ blog. It got really quiet and then one by one people sheepishly started raising their hands.”

Let me say this, I think that is great! The fact that anyone at all would take a few minutes and read something that I wrote is a miracle. But as I got to thinking about the whole sheepish hand raising part, I began to wonder what was so wrong with reading my blog? It may not be funny or interesting or thought-provoking but is it really something one should be sheepish about? I mean, at least these moms didn’t date me at some point in their lives. That would be something for them to be embarrassed about. Just ask Gigi.

My question is this: Have I now been relegated to the “guilty pleasure” category with the likes of watching Saved by the Bell, listening to Wham, and drinking Strawberry Creme Frappucinos with whipped cream on top from Starbucks when you’re a dude(I don’t do that, it’s a friend of mine)? If someone who reads my blog had to go on Maury, would they insist their voice be distorted to sound like Barry White with a frog in his throat and their face turned into a mass of pixelated squares? Gosh.

Whatever the reason for the sheepish hand-raising, I’m taking the fact that someone reads this as a compliment. Even if this one in particular came sliding in sideways like Compliments are hard to come by when you are me. Plus, there are a million other important things someone could be doing besides reading my blog. Cutting their toenails and cleaning out the freezer spring immediately to mind. I suppose it’s better to be a guilty pleasure than an innocent pain in the rear, though. Be sheepish if you must. Heck, be ashamed even. Just keep reading! And remember…Time can never mend the careless whispers…of…a…good…friend.

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  1. Well, Uncle Thad… I’ll admit that I read your blog today and it wasn’t a guilty pleasure. Just a pleasure. Thanks for taking time to give us moms that don’t have to cut our toenails right this minute something to do other than clean out the freezer!!!

  2. I’m glad you did! And as for the bowling alley thing…Someone is actually attemtping to make it happen, just not in the old Food World building.

  3. yeah, i heard the rent on that building is pretty pricey…Would love to be able to bowl in Wetumpka though. Well i enjoy reading the blog. Now off to clean the bathrooms:) Tiffany R

  4. I won’t apologize for it, Thad! I’ve been gone for a long time now, and it sounds nice to have a little connection with Elmore Co. I try to read the Herald when I’m home, but I think the blog might be a little more relevant to me.

  5. I love Saved by the Bell!Reading your blog is always a pleasure,but being called “Thad” at my wedding was not.Just kidding…I been called a whole lot worse!) Chad

  6. Kelly lasjdkf;al or whatever her name was on SBTB was a hottie!Chad…That is too funny!!! Gigi told that story to Leisa last night when we saw y’all at Coaches Corner!!!! Sorry about that!!!

  7. I enjoy reading this blog, it’s just another 300 things I do while at home. Teehee, maybe I should work on the Monster Hunter site. Ask Gabe if he’s got anything. Peace

  8. yep…guilty soccer mom here. sorry i sold all you other soccer moms out. ;o) gigi, hopefully we didn’t freak you out too much. maybe you should consider a female perspective wetumpka blog…? just a thought…and thad, your dorky alltel commercial was just on….during. american. idol. go on witchya bad self!

  9. Kelly…I was wondering if you’d respond! LOL! Sheepishly, of course. I take compliments no matter what. Even if they do come sliding in sideways!Believe it or not, it took us an hour just to get that done. They kept laughing. I was so hot and sweaty from all the dancing and stuff I was doing. Oh, well. At least it’s memorable!

  10. I like reading your blog, Thad. Not sheepish about it either. lol I even discuss topics from here in the salon. lol I encourage others to read it also. You’re a hoot! I have not seen the commercial, not alot of time for tv between facebook, myspace and reading here….not to mention all my “mommy duties” and work. 😉 Keep up the good work! :)Genie Webber

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