In 1987, shortly after I turned 18, I went to the courthouse and registered to vote. I registered as a Republican and have been a Republican since then. I’ve campaigned and voted for Republican candidates. I’ve put bumper stickers on my car and signs in my yard. My daughter is named for President Reagan. Things have changed since the 40th President of the United States was in office. in 1994, Newt Gingrich helped lead the Republican revolution which saw great gains in both the house and the senate by Republican candidates. It was our last great, sweeping victory. Too often they compromised and ended up not making much of the opportunity that was afforded them. It would be our last great hurrah for a long time.

Last year voters elected Barack Obama, called by many the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. He had little trouble defeating the self-proclaimed maverick, John McCain. McCain was fond of telling people how he broke ranks with Republicans on many occasions. That he was all about reaching across the proverbial aisle. Well, he managed to maverick himself right out of the White House.

I can only speak for myself, but I’m not interested in campaigning for, voting for, or electing a President who governs from the middle. I became a Republican because there are, or at least were, certain planks in the party platform that I stood for. I won’t get into them here as it serves no real purpose at this point. Those ideals weren’t then and aren’t now up for debate. I want the person I support and vote for to feel the same way.

I understand that in politics, if you want to be an effective leader, there are certain things that require compromise. You can’t win every debate and you don’t always get things your way. Hopefully by compromising on some issues, you encourage the other side to do the same and the public interest is served. But there should be some issues that one should hold near and dear and that should be fought for no matter the cost.

The Republican party leadership, whoever that is, would do well to learn that lesson ASAP! When the candidates from each major party go head to head in an election and there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between their views on most issues, then the guy with the best personality wins. Senator McCain made an attempt to inform us that he was indeed conservative in nature. Unfortunately, after over twenty years as the maverick senator from Arizona, many Republican voters, including me, had a difficult time believing him. None of us were particularly excited about him as a candidate and he never had a real chance against the younger, hipper, more polished Obama. Rather than choose the best candidate, conservatives were forced to vote for the man who was the least bad.

I’d like to think that the so-called GOP leadership has learned a lesson from this. They certainly should have but only time will tell. They are politicians, after all. Get us some candidates we can get behind and be excited about who have a backbone and ideologies that aren’t for sale to the highest bidding special interest group. Stop trotting out these fence-straddlers who care more about extending their careers at the public trough than they do about being servants to the people who put them in office. George W. Bush inched closer and closer to that line and by the end of his second term he had no broad support from any group, left or right. Things have not gotten better. This much I do know: The middle of the road is no place to be. Where I’m from, you see an awful lot of dead armadillos and possums there. I hope that the GOP mascot isn’t in danger of being replaced by some beady-eyed, gray marsupial. The RKP(Road Kill Party)just doesn’t have the same ring.

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  1. I am not sure if the GOP failed us or if we as a voting block failed. Republicans allowed themselves to be led, like a dog on a leash, by the main stream media. They told us that the only chance the Republicans had to win was with a moderate like McCain. And most Republicans bought that arguement. I didn’t meet alot of people fired up about McCain’s nomination, but who nominated him? We did. We listened to NBC and CBS and CNN and bought that crap hook line and sinker. Conservatives don’t support middle of the road, fence riders. Conservatives want someone that can be depended on the fight for conservative values. Reagan said he did not leave the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party left him. I am starting to feel the same way. Republicans are starting to move away from the ideals and values that I hold dear. Like fiscal responsiblity and national security. If we can’t take a strong stand for something like border security, an issue that most Americans argree on, because we are worried about filling our tent and including Hispanics then we have a problem. Not saying that we don’t have a place for any race or culture, but we can not give up our principle to get them in. I would welcome anyone who wants our laws followed, our money in our pockets, our military to be strong and the Christian values that this country was founded upon to be protected. If you agree with us welcome aboard. But, we can not start to try to change and shift and try to fit everyone’s views into ours. There is a saying that says if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Our party needs a backbone. We nominated McCain out of fear. We had a conservative choice and we went against it because we doubted our own viability. Would Huckaby have been able to win against Obama? Probably not. But, at least he would have energized the base. And we would have sent a message that we do not need to break with our platform to try to garner votes. I hope the leaders of the GOP take note of what is going on the grass roots level. The TEA Parties were a strong message that the conservative voters are not happy with current political enviroment. I hope they notice. After Obama spends us into oblivion and weakens our military and intelligence agencies back to the Clinton years we maybe ready for the next Republican Revolution. That is if they realize conservatism wins elections.

  2. My daughter is also named Reagan.You guys both have good points. The pendalum has finally swung all the way back to the left since the ’94 revolution. Let’s hope that we can get it moving back in the other direction soon (before we’re a socialist country).

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