First, let me say that the following thoughts and opinions have absolutely nothing to do with race(how sad that I feel I needed to mention that).

I have a question. Is anyone who voted for Barack Obama having second thoughts about it? I can honestly say, and have said before, that I was no fan of President Bush by the time he left office. I was not fond of the way he dealt with the war, the economy, and various other issues. My ideals are not tied to any candidate or political party and when the leaders I supported stray from those ideals, I no longer support them. I have yet to hear from an Obama supporter who disagrees with anything he has done or is trying to do. Has this modern day pied piper’s song turned them into nothing more than blind followers who can’t or won’t think for themselves?

Does anyone honestly think it is a good thing that the government actually fired the CEO of General Motors, Rick Wagoner, by threatening to withhold stimulus funds from the company unless he quit? How many times in history has that happened?

How about the fact that a large percentage of the GM dealership closings appear to be at least partially politically motivated? It looks like several of these GM dealers were actually quite profitable but made the mistake of supporting Republican candidates rather than those in the party of our current administration. Now their livelihoods have been taken away from them.

Do those who support Obama actually think it is possible for the big, fat, bloated, power-hungry, federal government that can’t manage its own business, to manage GM’s? Or AIG’s? Or any number of bailed out financial institutions? Or the health system? Or anything else for that matter?

What this administration is doing shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is exactly what should be expected of an extreme left-wing liberal with a socialist agenda. What is surprising is that so many people are drinking the Obama-berry Kool-Aid. Otherwise right-thinking, reasonable people are being led down the primrose path to socialism and skipping and whistling all the way!

I am 40 years old. Never in those 40 years have I been too terribly afraid of what the future holds for our country. I’ve always thought that the American people had far too much common sense to ever be fooled by a slick-talking community organizer. That our way of governing would never allow us to be taken to a place that history has shown is good for those in power but devastating for the common man. Now that appears to be a very real possibility in my lifetime. And if things don’t change it scares me to think what kind of country my two children will live in when they are older. Will they be able to work and worship and travel and raise families as they see fit? Or will the government dictate all that and more to them? San Diego County officials just last week told a pastor that he couldn’t hold Bible studies in his own home. Granted, the county has backed off somewhat but the fact that the government attempted to prohibit American citizens the right to worship in their own home in the first place should frighten anyone! It’s a very sobering thought to think how much worse things could get in the coming years.

Some will say my fears are unfounded. That all this president wants to do is make us more prosperous. A noble idea to be sure. Unfortunately, if he has his way, it will likely come at the expense of some of the most basic freedoms we enjoy as a free, capitalistic society. I would love to hear from some of you who supported and continue to support this president and his ideology. Perhaps I’m simply not intelligent enough nor forward-thinking enough to see how the direction in which we are going is good for this country and you could explain it to me in terms a simpleton can understand. Because right now, I don’t.

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  1. Not Anonymous, just Steve again! (I really need to fix this somehow)Thad, I am reminded by your post to remind you of the Mayor no one voted for. Remember him? The little short guy with the funny looking tie? Dad told me years ago, never trust someone with two first names for thier first and last name and never trust someone in a bow tie. So far, he has been right. Sorry, was walking down a memory lane. Back to my point, you will have about as much success finding the Obama supporters in another year as you will finding Golden supporters now. (or even four years ago)Im in Middle Florida this week, I know where the supporters are, they advertise it well on the backs of thier vehicles. Have a great day.

  2. First of all how could this be a racial issue because the President is a half breed not a whitey or a blackie…. Maybe the illegal hispanic population may have an issue… But really J Thad wake up your money (my little and your little hard earned “we worked for, not stood in line for”…)is going to be given to those less fortunate. those that have not made it into the work force because of what ever reason ( 1. NO DESIRE 2. NO CAR 3. NO FREE LUNCHES AT WORKPLACE 4. NOT ABLE TO MEET DRESS CODE 5. Job Applications not in ebonic form.)You know if you really think those that need the Federal Assistance might should have been aborted at birth( that is very ugly on my part but I’m just as passionate about one as I am the other)I was raised to take care of your own business and not over spend, over borrow, over eat, but never to over work… BE REAL AMERICA LETS GET BACK TO THE BASICS…..I WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS BECAUSE I WANT TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT(.)(.) PLR

  3. Hi Thad,It's Jill (Mullins) Hedges. I just read your latest blog and thought it corresponded perfectly with an article that I read last night in the Washington Post. Check out this link. It validates everything you just wrote (not that you need the validation). would love to hear what you think about this. If you can't read this article using the above link, let me know and I'll send it another way.

  4. Jill…just read the article. WOW! That is all so true! Mainstream media outlets are nothing more than pawns for this man's agenda. I agree that they needn't be hostile but to see their fascination with Obama is not unlike the 7th grade girl who has a crush of epic proportions on the Senior quarterback of the football team. He can do no wrong in their eyes and they are complicit in furthering his socialist agenda. The irony is that when we actually arrive at the destination this president seeks to take us, they will be nothing more than a tightly monitored arm of the government's propaganda machine. I remember as a child always hearing about TASS on news reports involving the Soviet Union. This was their official "news" agency and they reported what the government said to report. Nothing more, nothing less. Can we be that far from this type of thing in America? You may remember Jeff Findley from your days in Holtville and at Holtville Riverside. He is now owner/publisher of the Bainbridge Post-Searchlight(www.thepostsearchlight)in Bainbridge, Georgia. This is his quote about my latest entry. "Bravo…anyone who sees this, please take the time to read what Thad has written. It is very real and something anyone who cares about our current way of life should be concerned about. The Republican Party better get busy putting a viable candidate out front. Come on down Mark Sanford…or T-Paw…..or Mike Huckabee….or Mitt Romney."I share this not to toot my own horn, but to say that Jeff, a real-live, in the flesh newspaper man, sees the dangers this president presents to our society and the way we do things. We need more like him. It truly is frightening. Thanks again for sharing that article and for reading and commenting. Keep it up!

  5. By the way, Thad, before I sign-off for today, the second post from anonymous on this post, is exactly the kind of person that brings about the comments like "in these parts" from people. He comes off as a way far right racist in my opinion. I mean half-breed, whitey, blackey. What kind of intelligent conversation is that?

  6. Didn't say it was intelligent. But don't lump me in with that poster or anyone else. I speak for myself. That is what the liberal media does when some lunatic kills a doctor who performs late term abortions. They paint us all with the same brush they paint this murderer with. That is unfair. Don't fall victim to that line of thinking. Just because you lean left doesn't mean that I think you are Hilary Clinton.

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