Hamas Invited to Peace Talks

Our president has invited Hamas to participate in Mideast peace talks. Hamas has been designated a terror group by the U.S. State Department. Smart move. Negotiating peace with terrorists at the table. Quite ironic don’t you think?

He also said in a speech in Cairo, Egypt, that America is not and never will be at war with Islam. That may be the way he sees it but you can believe this: Islam is at war with America!

This administration needs to get its head out of the sand and realize that trying to reason with terrorists is an exercise in futility. Guess what? They want to kill us! All of us. We’re free and powerful and they hate us. That’s why 9/11 happened. The mindset of the leaders of Hamas and any other terrorist organization is exactly the same as those hijackers. If they had the means they’d wipe us right off the map! Their hatred is practically as old as time itself and one isn’t likely to change their minds simply by talking to them about it. They can dress up in suits and ties and put gel in their hair and look like respectable people all they want, but given a chance they’d be cutting all our heads off shouting “allah akbar!”

And we are somehow evil because of waterboarding. Some things I’ll just never understand.

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  1. The president was 100% correct in his comments.The extremists of the Muslim faith should not be judged any differently than David Koresh, Dr. Tiller's killer and other Christian extremists. We are not at war with one of the world's great faiths. We are not at war with hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world (including almost 10 million in the US) and we cannot do enough to help Muslims around the world to understand that.We helped negotiate peace in Northern Ireland by bringing Sinn Fein (a terrorist organization) to the table…there's no path forward if theres no communication.

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