Will the Real Extremist Please Stand Up?

By: Troy Evans

On June 10th of this year an ignorant anti-Semite, James von Brunn, walked into the U.S. Holocaust Museum and opened fire with a .22 rifle. In this incident a security guard, Stephen Johns, was mortally wounded.

In listening to the mainstream media, they have been quick to label this murdering old bigot as a “right-wing extremist”. Looking at what this man stands for, what part of the right wing’s platform does he agree with. The “right” or Republican Party has always been pro-Israel. Does it seem that this man was pro-Israel or does it seem that his hatred for Jews would make it impossible for him to align himself with a political party that has as one of the main pillars of its foreign policy, protecting Israel.

Mr. von Brunn is also of the belief that our government was behind 9/11, not very “right wing” of him there, either. I guess that since the left wants to label all conservatives as racist, that must be the reason he is being labeled as a “right wing extremist.” That is the only reason I can see for it. This man is a criminal and a domestic terrorist. For the blame to be placed anywhere else but squarely on his shoulders is wrong. Again, can someone please tell me what part of the Republican platform was he trying to advance by his actions? Nothing. Call him what you will. A murderer, a domestic terrorist, a cold blooded killer, a bigot, a racist, but don’t try to politicize a man’s death by calling him a “right wing” extremist.

Back on June 1st, another murder took place. Two U.S. Army recruiters were attacked. One soldier was killed and one was wounded. Where did this take place? Iraq, Afghanistan? No, Little Rock Arkansas. Was this man labeled a “left wing” extremist? No, only a Muslim convert. To make matters worse the killer, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, is saying that he does not think he murdered anyone because murder is when you kill someone without a justified reason. So this man thinks he is justified in killing members of the U.S. military in America because of our ongoing war on terror. Sorry my friend, but if you are going to try to place Mr. von Brunn in my camp then Mr. Muhammad is in yours. His view that America’s war on terror is an unjust war on Muslims certainly isn’t coming from the right.

To be clear, I am not saying that Democrats are responsible for what happened in Arkansas. Nor is any member of the right responsible for what happened in Washington, D.C. Both of these individuals planned and executed their deadly plots without any help from any political party. James von Brunn is not a right wing extremist any more than Muhammad is a product of the left. The fact that Chris Mathews, Lester Holt, and numerous other left-leaning media members plastered the label “right wing” on this man is simply wrong-headed. Three men died. Three families will never be the same. Three Americans were killed by demented, twisted thugs. Political parties should not have played any part in the reporting of either story. Sadly, in one case, they did.

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