That’s Un-American!!!

What a farce! I hope someone else watched President Obama speaking to a group in Belgrade, Montana about healthcare reform. There is no way that that many people would have simply decided to come and hear the president speak on healthcare reform on their own without large groups of them being bused in. They applaud for minutes at a time over the smallest thing he says and he stops after he says certain things as if that is the predetermined spot in the speech that they should clap.

It is simply ridiculous that they expect us to believe that this whole thing is anything but a completely staged event. How very un-American of these people. With these types of people living in Montana it is only a matter of time before another Slobodan Milosevic rises up and begins the process of ethnic cleansing throughout the west!

Sound ridiculous? Perhaps. But no more ridiculous than the notion that anyone who dares show up at a town meeting with their congressional representatives to voice their dissatisfaction with the healthcare reform bill is nothing but a plant put their by the Republican party. That’s preposterous!

It is perfectly normal when left-wingers show up to support those who share their ideas. Those who voice their concern in opposition to the left are Nazis. Nice.

That is typical of Democrats, the party of the double standard, and their left-wing followers. It amazes me that they have the proverbial “cojones” to act in such a way. But logic never has been a hallmark of the left.

I also thought it was interesting that Obama said that he didn’t want to put healthcare in the hands of government bureaucrats but he didn’t want to put it in the hands of insurance company bureaucrats either. Sounds to me like that is an admission that by letting government control healthcare, we are being forced to do nothing more than choose between the lesser of two evils. Makes perfect sense if you are an aspiring socialist.

Thanks but no thanks.

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  1. There was something that I heard the other day that was a good point. A reporter asked a Senator to name one Government program that has come in on time, under budget, and that has worked efficiently. That seemed like a pretty simple request. Those are three very respectable and expected things that anyone would ask of their own money. (Well, I guess there are some that would look at it differently LOL). He had no answer. It wasn’t that he wasn’t prepared to answer; it was that he couldn’t think of one. No one can. Now ask the same question of someone in the private sector of their business, and I bet they can tell you what works and what doesn’t off the cuff. The Federal, State, County and City Governments should not be in business. They aren’t designed to be in business.The bottom line on Healthcare and a whole bunch of other programs is this, they are NOT a right, and they are service that you pay for. I have compassion, but I don't have tolerance for paying for people that have not and/or do not manage their lives in a manner that allows them to have something that others have. At the same time I realize that there are people out there that absolutely cannot provide for themselves. I think we should take care of those people to the fullest. But someone that came to this country ILLEGALLY, someone that refuses to help themselves because they know the Government will take care of them, they deserve nothing in my opinion. They are a drain on society and as a human should care more about themselves then to continue to take from those that work hard for what they have.It was first spoken in 1976 I believe – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. Well, I am and many more should be too. Elected officials are elected to represent us, not do what they think we want. They should listen to us, not just vote a certain way because of party affiliation. Reagan once said something to the effect that Government will tax you at a level to meet their spending, instead of only spending what they tax you for. (Sorry sir if I got that wrong, and God I wish you were here now).Government healthcare will not work. It already has/is being tried. It’s called Medicare and Medicaid. They are broken by the Governments own admission. Now some people want them to take on even more of the system? Really?

  2. My father says that the upcoming swine flu wave was going to start panic (originally started by Obama {who knew?}) and so people will be to panicciy when the bill comes up, so it'll pass…

  3. As someone who works daily with folks who are on public assistance (welfare) – there are very few who want to be there. In the last year alone my staff of 5 have assisted 1000 welfare recipients in getting a full-time job. These people work hard every day for very little money -and can't afford health insurance and few are offered it, even at a discount, from work. Sadly, most everyone today views a welfare recipient the same way as they would have 30 years ago. The stereotype really fits very few. So many people want to make them villains in these debates – but when the bottom falls out (and it has for many this past year) it's nice to have a program there (along with unemployment insurance) to help out.As for the socialized medicine thing — we have had it for years. Medicare/Medicaid ARE socialized medicine – but try talking about taking THIS away from seniors and see where it gets you! Both sides have stacked their crowds into the health care meetings – the anti's did it first, the pro's got the idea and started getting to the venues earlier. So what. What good does it do to call each other names and throw blame around – that's not any more helpful than stacking a crowd.If everyone would quit with the scare tactics and encourage open and respectful dialogue – we might actually get something worthwhile accomplished here. And, if you don't think it's possible to get something worthwhile accomplished here — why all the fuss?

  4. I don't think that any reasonable person wants to mistreat the weakest, most unfortunate among us. Nor do I believe that anyone doesn't want to see something worthwhile accomplished. What I don't want is my healthcare diminished just so we can all feel better about those who must go without.I know what the government says, that the public option will be just that…an option. It isn't like the government always does all the things that it says. Things look good on paper and give us warm fuzzies when we need them. That's not always the way things work when government bureaucrats get their dirty little hands in things.

  5. You are right about this Jerry Medicare and Medicaid are socialized medicine. And wasn't the debate a few months back about how under funded and bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid are? The V.A. is also government run health care. Wasn't there big headline stories about how unsanitary and unclean various V.A. hospitals were. Aren't we closing hundreds of post offices around the country because the they can't make a profit? Someone please name one governmental agency, other than the military, that is run well. That is why I don't want the government running my healthcare. Once the money starts to run dry they will have to ration care. We trusted the government with our retirement. How many of you who are in your 20s, 30s or 40s are completely confident that your Social Security benefits will be there when you need them? And now you want to turn your medical care over to them?

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