What Did You Think About the President’s Speech to the Joint Session of Congress Last Night?

What did you think about President Obama’s speech to the joint session of congress last night? How about an honest discussion on the issue of health care?

I was only able to watch a few minutes but I did notice two things. One is probably quite trivial but I’m going to mention it anyway. This president comes across to me as being rather, shall we say, self-assured. He is a very good public speaker, the likes of which we haven’t really had since Ronald Reagan. Unlike President Reagan however, President Obama seems to communicate his ideas in a way that comes across as more than a little arrogant, as if he can’t believe the whole country doesn’t simply trust him and fall in line behind him on this or any other issue. President Reagan, from all that I’ve read and heard from those who knew him and worked with him, Republicans and Democrats alike, could speak to someone in a way that made them at least want to believe that what he said was right even if they really didn’t. I realize how inane this point may seem. Just one of my observations.

There was also some irony. I will acknowledge that the comment by Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina was inappropriate. I will also acknowledge that I might have done the same thing under the circumstances. This is an emotional, heated debate that has involved and captivated practically everyone in the country and I would hope that a small outburst would be forgivable even if it did push the boundaries of decorum. It seems no one is without a strong opinion and most of us are still unclear on what exactly health care reform will entail. The irony is that amid the great hue and cry over Rep. Wilson’s impromptu remark, it seems to have gone unnoticed, or at least unacknowledged, that the president stood on national television and essentially called anyone who might question the specifics of this bill a liar. A tad sanctimonious, don’t you think?

I’ll delve into things a little more in detail when I’ve had a chance to read/hear more of what the president said. As for now, what are your thought? I’d really like to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “What Did You Think About the President’s Speech to the Joint Session of Congress Last Night?

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  1. Aw come on Thad, you know that if you can have a higher than thou attitude at the local level, then you can have one at the top as well. Politics is politics no matter where you lay your head, and without regard to party it seems. I disagree though with you on one point, slightly. The comment blurted out might not have been the right word at the time and maybe would have been best saved for a private conversation. But why shouldn’t he be called out when he is speaking just as well as any other politician. But if the guy either felt or knows that what he was spouting forth was to be lies, then have at him. The Brits have the best system for this in the House of Commons. They have spirited debate and while they don’t get it all right all of the time, they at least talk about it and take the pulse to see if it’s a good idea. Here is what I hope, I hope that anyone watching really and truly listened to the words, and not just a speech. On one hand we were hearing about a broken system, that needs to be fixed and have 5 billion in waste cut from it and on the other we were hearing let the government run your health care because we can do it better and cheaper. The whole idea is an oxymoron, no wait, it’s a lie. I still am looking for a major federally funded program (budget of 2mil plus) that runs on time, under budget, efficiently and effectively. There isn’t one. So then, why in the world would someone think that THIS is THE program that can be different because the government has FINALLY gotten it and has LEARNED how to run something. I don’t think anyone should die because they cant pay. At the same time, I don’t think I should help someone who refuses to help themselves. I feel there are people out there unable to help themselves and they need the help. But that’s a small number in comparison to the people out there trying to beat the system and get something for free. Hang on folks, we are about to take another step towards socialism. From each according to their ability to each according to their needs. Welcome to America, no money, no problem come on in anyway we’ll figure it out as we go.To those that voted for Obama, thanks, a bunch. For screwing up my health care, having me pay more taxes, and allowing my kids to have to live in a time when all of this will come crashing down.

  2. Section 246 on page 143 of the House bill specifically says "no federal payment for undocumented aliens". Here is the link if you want to read it for yourselves (just go to page 143): http://docs.house.gov/edlabor/AAHCA-BillText-071409.pdfIt is a bit sanctimonious yell "liar" without reviewing, researching or reading the plan beforehand.The debate seems to be between pre-schoolers rather than adults.People seem to forget that we are paying for everyone's healthcare who doesn't have insurance already – as they go to emergency rooms to get their care for free.Americans, left and right, have forgotten how to debate an issue on facts, and with intelligent discourse about specific areas where valid differences of opinion are held. In the end, compromising on both sides to move us all toward something that has the potential to be better than what we currently have.

  3. I'm not going to debate government run health care tonight because I don't know enough about the specifics to do that, but I do know that Our Government is lacking in honesty, integrity, efficiency, and any other "-Y" out there. What I want to know is whether the vice president is asleep in the pic.

  4. Thad as always thanks for putting these issues out here. I listened to the speech twice and of course, he's a great orater and yes a little arrogant. But when you listen to the words they don't pass the common sense test. Ugh – crazy to me. However, I don't write near as well as you or Steve so I just say DITTO to Steve's comments. I think he was in my head LOL

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