Jimmy Carter Strikes Again!

Jimmy Carter is a moron. In an interview with NBC he said, “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man.”


For a former President to level such an accusation at what is a quite large number of Americans demonstrates ignorance on his part. Even President Obama disagrees with former President Carter’s assertion that those of us who disagree with his policies are all card-toting racists. Are there those who dislike the president based on the color of his skin? Unequivocally, yes. Is it a large number? I don’t think so. At least not relative to the number of those of us who disagree with the president’s views based on nothing more than the fact that we have a different idea of what we think is best for America.

The race card is played far too often by many on the left. It is for no other reason than to demonize those people who disagree with them. As crazy as it sounds, most people, even here in the south, have long since recovered from the issues of the civil war and civil rights era. I can honestly say, as a lifelong Alabamian, that I don’t know a single person who has a bed sheet with eye and mouth holes cut out of it hanging in their closet. If they do, they hide it quite well. Racism will never be eliminated from society. It will always exist in some form or other. To think it can be eliminated is naive. It simply cannot, however, be constantly used as the reason someone disagrees or expresses dissatisfaction with something someone of another race does or says. Not the way that Jimmy Carter and so many others use it.

There are those of us who happen to think that the road that this president and administration would have us take as a country would be detrimental to society. We ought to be able to disagree with this president without being branded as someone who hates black people! As hard as it may to believe, it has nothing at all to do with the fact that he is our first multi-racial president. I disagreed with much of what Bill Clinton wanted to do and accomplish as president. You don’t get much more white and southern than the ol’ slickster!

My advice to those who scream racism at every turn would be to consider this: Continue to use racism as the reason for everything that happens that you don’t like and you will eventually begin to create racism in people where it did not exist before. People may grow so weary of being labeled the dreaded “r” word that they may just decide that since they are going to be called one every time they speak out, they might as well become one. They won’t be burning crosses on your lawn or joining white supremacist groups. It won’t be an overt racism and likely will have little, if anything to do with the color of your skin. It will be a kind of de facto racism which will essentially eliminate any respect they may have had for you and your cause or beliefs. Whatever sympathy that may have existed in them for your plight, whatever that may be, will be replaced by contempt at constantly being labeled something as vile as a racist. The endless claims of racism are becoming quite irksome.

As always, these are my opinions and they certainly could be wrong. Regardless of that, Jimmy Carter and his not-so-merry band of race-baiting rabble-rousers would do well to learn how to actually explain and defend their views and plans rather than try to discredit anyone who disagrees with them. It is very unbecoming of a former president and statesman. I wish I could say it surprises me but then I’d be lying.

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  1. I can't say I totally agree with former President Carter's race comments today, but Jimmy Carter is not a moron. He is a very intelligent man and one of the few polititions who has been able to actually keep to his Christian beliefs. His humanitarian efforts all over the world and his Habitat for Humanity organization will be a true lasting legacy.As for racisim in America, in particular the South, it is still prevalent. Probably more prevalent than any one of us want to admit. Our preacher had a very provocative sermon on racisim a while back and told us to all look around and ask ourselves why there weren't more black neighbors in our pews. I mean, I don't think there are any Klan members or white supremasists in our congregation, so why aren't there more black people that go to our church? The answer is because there is still a division of the races here. It's sad, but true. In this past presidential election the national average of white Americans that voted for Barack Obama was 42%, the average in the south was 10%. I think those are telling numbers. And don't take that as I think everyone who did not vote for Obama is a racist, because I don't. I'm just saying that racisim is still an issue in the deep south.I also DETEST the "race card" being played in most debates whether they be political, social or criminal, but we do need to have a more open dialouge about race in this country.

  2. Being moronic is in the eye of the beholder. In my eye, Carter is a moron. To say that Jimmy Carter has kept his Christian beliefs is a terribly broad statement. One could say the same about Rev. Moon being a Christian. Or David Koresh. Just because someone labels something a "christian" belief doesn't make it one. Lots of people help the poor in lots of different ways. Doesn't mean they are Christians. Humanitarian beliefs and Christian beliefs are not interchangeable phrases by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not saying that Carter isn't a Christian. That is not for me to judge. If he tells me he is, then I believe him. The bottom line is Christians can be morons too! And is it simply unbelievable that since we here in the south "cling to our guns and religion" that we might actually have voted against Obama because we disagree with his values and beliefs? Perish the thought that a Southerner actually might be able to look at the issues and make an informed decision. Many of us are actually able to read and reason, you included. Perhaps the reason that there aren't many black people in your church and my church on a given Sunday is racism, huh? That's kind of a stretch don't you think? What is so wrong with believing that the black community at large chooses to worship differently than we do? They tend to be more demonstrative in their worship styles, generally speaking, while predominantly white churches tend to be more staid and reserved. These are general characterizations but I think you'd find them largely true. One is not better than the other. One is not right and the other wrong. They are simply different and there is no fault in that. For you to tow the party line and say that the South is more racist than other parts of the country is insulting. Racism certainly exists here, as it does everywhere. Look at this map and see where hate crimes are the highest per capita and you might be surprised.http://www.esquire.com/features/hate-crime-0608Habitat for Humanity and Mr. Carter's supposed intelligence and the legacy he leaves notwithstanding…He is a moron.

  3. I in no way intended to infer that we couldn't read or reason as southernors. And I wasn't really just speaking as to the critisim of Obama, but to race issues as a whole in this country. I was simply trying to say that racism is more prevelant than most people want to admit. It's an uncomfortable subject, but it's a fact. And as to the lack of racial diversity in the church pews, I didn't really say it's because we are all a bunch of racists. Simply that there are still racial differences that go much deeper than white churches being more reserved or conservative in worship than black churches.And though I didn't agree with all of Jimmy Carter's statments in regard to Obama and racism today, I do believe his a good man. A a formal naval officer, a humanitarian, a Sunday school teacher and someone who genuinely wants to make America and this world a better place.

  4. I could not believe that comment came out of his mouth! It was stupid (and I thought he was intelligent) short-sighted, ignorant, and moronic! Why is it racism if you disagree with someone that is of another race, but it is standing up for what you believe in if you disagree with someone of your own race! One definition of racism states that it is the hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. I want everyone to know that racism is practiced everyday against every race! I am saddened by the fact that racism is brought up everytime someone speaks out against what the President supports. Is this a political ploy to quieten his(Obama's) opponents?Tiffany's comment about what the preacher said works the same in all pews in all churches. You can't just decide that racism is alive and living because you attend a church that is primarily white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and so on. I believe you are moved by the Holy Spirit to work and belong to a church family. Did you listen to the Spirit as you prayed to attend and join your church? If you did, I believe you are in the right place.

  5. Racism is alive and well in America, I don’t think that the comments thus far disagree with that. Jimmy Carter, while he has made some bone headed decisions is for the most part a compassionate man, I don’t think that is up for debate either (is politics stink though). Certainly what is clearly wrong is his broad use of a brush to say that anyone to this point that has disagreed with President Obama is a racist. You have to be careful, very careful when using such a broad stroke. This is where people should stand up and use the spine they were given and call names for once. If he had someone particular in mind, then he should have used that person’s name. This is the kind of fodder that can be expected by saying something so vague. I do think there is some good in Jimmy Carter, albeit I will stop way short of calling him a great man. His past politics keep me from doing that and he ranks right near the top in the worst Presidents ever, ever. I think there is good in all people, its just a matter of if they use it or not. In this case, President Carter chose not to use his good and instead used his world stage for yet more tearing down of the progress that has been made in many decades of trying to mend the fences of radical racism. I think in his mind and his heart he thought he was using a point in time to move forward. Only problem is that he wasn’t smart enough to foresee the outcome and results of his statement. He could not see past progressing his agenda and views. Every time someone makes a comment like that, it sets the whole process back many many years if it is not delivered correctly. It doesn’t matter what the color of the skin is of the person making the statement or their public status, it’s the statement itself. His delivery was not what it should have been, and now the flack has started.For Carter to have made this bone head move is not at all surprising, but very disappointing. In fact there are only a few in history that are able to broach the subject and be successful in bringing people together versus bringing up old memories. President Carter is not one of those. He is best suited in helping people directly with things like homes for the poor and not flexing his style of verbal humanity or world politics.

  6. Thad and Steve-you are able to express yourselves eloquently, while I stumble around trying to put into words what I feel and believe. Steve-I guess the short version of your post is that Carter should have kept his mouth shut and every time a politician thinks he is verbally more intelligent than he/she really is about racism they cause the the nation to take 2 steps back for every 1 step in progress that has been made. Good job with the post! I appreciate this blog and hope more and more people will continue to share and visit.

  7. Smith – Thank you for your comments, and yes, you read my post and subsequently understood it just as it was intended.Thad – just for the record, I was the first person to "balderdash" on your blog. LOL Great way to use it, I am proud.

  8. Steve, you said it right when you said,"bringing up old memories". I am 34 years old, and like everyone else my age, I've NEVER lived in a truely segregated society. I believe it mostly people who lived through segregation and desegregation that won't put the race card away! These people were brought up in a time that segregation was just part of life. Was it right? Absolutly not! But that's the way it was. No one can change that.I believe it is people like Jimmy Carter, Rev. Wright, ect., who lived through this era, that won't let it go. Is it guilt? Is it anger? I don't know but these people are causeing exactly what claim to detest. Their antics are digging a deeper divide between races than anything I've ever witnessed.I'm sick of it!!! Can't we all just get along??

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