Wetumpka Loses a Good Man

By Steve Pribulick

Wetumpka lost a great man today.

Not only was Chris Deputy one of Wetumpka’s Finest, he was also one of the finest in Wetumpka. True enough he was a sworn officer of the law, but he was also one of the greatest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing in a very long time. The last officer to have the ability to bridge the gaps in the community was Arthur Roberts and Chris was just as good at it if not better.

Chris had a way with the young of Wetumpka and it was evident everywhere that he went he was able to command that respect that all officers want, merely by giving the youth the respect they were seeking too. It didn’t matter if he was on patrol, at a football game, or just perusing through a local store off duty, he always had a smile on his face and a child nearby waiting to speak to him. You never heard one cross word from him, you never saw him visibly upset and I personally never heard him raise his voice about anything; even a botched football play that he wasn’t happy with.

Some years ago, Chris started something in this community that has grown each year and each year has become more and more important to the youth. He would gather toys, in most cases single handedly, and put together a Christmas party for the young kids of Wetumpka each year including food and activities. This was all done on a shoe string budget and all from the heart, his heart.

This past year the Fire Department helped Chris with this project and I had the opportunity to help him closely. Chris had just recently lost his father and this was something that was weighing heavily on his mind. As we stood there before the party talking about the passing of his father and how it was not time for that, Chris with a tear in his eye for his father told me “As soon as I see the kids, it will all be better”.

That was his thing, always thinking about the youth and how we can make the world a better and safer place for them. Just as I was about to leave the Christmas party for the kids he thanked me for the Fire Departments helped and reminded me that Relay For Life was coming up and asked about how we can start raising money. That was Chris, big hearted, big ideas, and always thinking of others. We could all stand to copy Chris a little more.

Big guy, you’re home now, Rest In Peace and take care of God’s Children. You will be missed in this Earthly world, but your work will continue.

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  1. Steve what a wonderful tribute. I could not have said it any better. Chris was a big man with a big heart and my children loved and respected him. He always looked after them and even though they are grown, he kept up with what was going on with them and what they were doing with their lives. I posted a statement on my page today that applies to us all … it is not how you die but how you live your life. I can imagine God told Chris this morning "well done". Yes, he will be missed

  2. I didn't know him personally, but I have seen him around Wetumpka while he was on the job. Everyone I have talked with have said wonderful things about Officer Deputy and how the community loved him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and the community.

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