Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler Four Days Late? What Say You?

By now, just about everyone knows that the Krewe of Toulouse Mardi Gras Parade that was scheduled for this past Saturday was canceled because of the possibility of inclement weather. I understand the effect that winter storms have on those of us who call Alabama home. Bread? Check. Milk? Check. Cancel school? Check. Gas up the Bondo/primer Camaro and bring on the snow? Check. Even though it appeared pretty certain that by noon on Saturday temperatures would be well above the freezing mark, I must defer to local officials who apparently made the decision to cancel the parade based on the facts as they saw them at the time. Hindsight is, after all, 20/20. That did not keep my son from opining numerous times during the day and into the evening on Saturday that it would have been a great day for a parade. Third-grader’s opinions notwithstanding, however, it didn’t happen.

My question is why isn’t the parade going to be rescheduled? With as much difficulty as Wetumpka has had lately with following through on planned events, for good reason I would add, such as Christmas on the Coosa Festivities and the progressive nativity, it would seem that the city would want to be as accommodating as possible in working with the KOT to make this parade happen. I’m sure the many people I saw walking the sidewalks in Wetumpka at noon on Saturday, some who were not Wetumpka residents who had come for the parade not knowing it had been canceled, would like to see the parade happen.
Why have a Mardi Gras parade after Fat Tuesday has already passed? Because a lot of people did a lot of work to give the residents of Wetumpka and surrounding communities a family-friendly, fun event to be a part of and I think only the purest of purists would not be in favor of having the parade the Saturday after Fat Tuesday. I’m familiar with Ash Wednesday and Lent and the traditions upon which Mardi Gras was founded both here in America and abroad. I also know that there were a whole bunch of people, both aware and unaware of the cancellation, who were very disappointed that we had a beautiful day for a parade and yet the parade didn’t show up for the fun. If I were a betting man, I’d be willing to bet that that vast majority of those people wouldn’t mind at all having a Mardi Gras parade after Mardi Gras. Heck, you don’t even have to call it a Mardi Gras parade. Call it the “Come Out and Get a Bunch of Beads and Moonpies Parade” or maybe the “Saturday After Fat Tuesday Parade.” Just call it a parade and reschedule it. It’ll be fun and good publicity for the city of Wetumpka which would have the unique distinction of having a post-Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras parade! I know there are difficulties logistically with rescheduling an event such as this but I’m certain the citizens of Wetumpka would be more than appreciative of both city officials and the KOT for going the extra mile so that the show can go on. I know the Hankins family would! Especially the eight year old boy and the three year old girl who looked forward to the fun all week long.
Oh, well. It’s not for me to say and as usual, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong. But as for me and my house we say with all the fervor we can muster: LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER FOUR DAYS LATE! Hope to see you at what I hope is a parade soon!

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  1. Thad I don't think the people who have put all of their time, energy and money into the floats and throws would mind a bit that the Mardi Gras parade be rescheduled. In fact most of the poeple I know who have float entries would really enjoy getting to show off their creations. It would still be a celebration! And it would show the community that the city of Wetumpka actually cares about hosting fun events for the people in their community. And don't rename it…just reschedule it! Baseball and softball tryouts won't last all afternoon. Let's parade around 3pm this weekend and let me get the moonpies and beads out of my living room floor! I got stuff to throw MISTER! HAPPY MARDI GRAS TO EVERYONE!

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