From the "Where There is Smoke" Department

I thought those of you playing along at home would find this little story very interesting. Especially those who took umbrage with my insinuation that gambling fosters and even encourages corruption. It will be more than a little interesting to see how this drama plays out. The Sweet Home Alabama bill, had it passed, would have stood to be much sweeter for some than for others. Namely, certain politicians and gambling bosses. Don’t think for a minute we’ve seen the last of this sort of chicanery, though. Anyway, read on…And thanks for the link, Troy.

Tax returns show Langford hit many jackpots

14 thoughts on “From the "Where There is Smoke" Department

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  1. For someone who calls himself truth you are willing to be taken in by every silly rumor you hear. Do you really believe that he pushed a lady out of the choir? Didn't happen.

  2. I'll have more to say later on the comments above. For now, suffice it to say that if you are going to level accusations such as this you should have enough courage and conviction to attach your name to it. It's terribly cowardly to anonymously say such things about an individual.

  3. The Truth About Wetumpka Politics and others need to be reminded of the following: Small minds discuss people, Medium minds discuss things, large minds discuss IDEAS. We do not have many progressive ides posted on this blog, only name calling, let's get over the election, a 60+ % majority is nothing to sneeze at.

  4. Thank you, Hooligan. We have a progressive mayor who cares a great deal about this city. For his efforts and caring he has been called names and lied about continually. Most unfortunate. I am acquainted with Jim Byard and know that he does not consider our mayor a laughing stock. Quite the contrary. Maybe one day all the mayor wannabes will give it up and leave him alone.

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