Nothing More Than a Disjointed Rant Before My Head Explodes

This president and at least 212 members of the house of representatives are the most arrogant, selfish, elitist group of people I suppose I have ever had the displeasure of knowing about. For these people to even consider passing, much less actually voting into law, this bloated, ridiculously complicated, overreaching monstrosity known as a healthcare bill is quite literally more than I can comprehend! When I was in church work as a minister, I learned something very important from my pastor. When he joined the staff of the church I worked at he said that there were some changes that needed to be made for our church to grow. He also said that these changes couldn’t be made immediately, that it would take time. He said that even though you might get 60% of the people to go along with you, that still left 40% who were against you. His point was that even though something could get done with a 60-40 majority, it wasn’t wise to do so with 4 out of every 10 people not agreeing with whatever change you wanted to make. This president and this congress could learn a thing or two about politics from my pastor.

After seeing Bret Baier of Fox News interview Mr. Obama last night it is obvious that the president himself doesn’t know what is and is not in this bill. He dodged and danced around practically every question he was asked and never once provided a straight answer. This is likely because he has no real idea of what is even in this bill. This man was not prepared to be president and I can’t believe he was able to dupe so many otherwise intelligent people into voting for him. He seems to care more about being a celebrity than about the will of the people. I think he would be a perfect fit to reprise the role formerly played by Alicia Silverstone if there is ever a  Clueless 2.

Anyone who votes in favor of this bill is, quite honestly, doing a disservice to the political process of our country that borders on being downright treasonous. They don’t care to hear what the majority of people in this country have to say about this bill. They don’t care to answer our questions and they are thumbing their noses at us and basically telling us that we are too dumb to even realize how important it is that this legislation is passed. I can only say that my hope is that every last one of these people pay a heavy, heavy price the next time their name appears on the ballot. Morons.

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  1. I saw part of his speech Friday at some university. He has lots of stories about single mothers and sick children, but nothing specific. Just rah rah, yea me, let's do it! Yes we can! I can beleive that we elected him. He was elected because most of the people who voted for him are not intelligent, do no research into their choices, and are only looking for promises. That's what they got and right now they don't seem concerned that there are no results.

  2. VoR, Obama wants to make history, dubious as that history may turn out to be.They read these posts but they don't comment like they do on the local ones. Hopefully the post I'm putting up Monday morning will generate a little thought and discussion.

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