Remember That Time We Talked About a Music Festival in Wetumpka? Well…

Several months ago I wrote a piece on this blog regarding the interest in and possibility of Wetumpka hosting some sort of music festival. In fact I wrote about it three different times. There seemed to be a lot of interest but, as this type of thing often does, it sort of got shuffled to the back burner and has remained there…until now! I had someone approach me a couple of weeks ago about organizing just such an event. Someone who is no stranger to coming up with a new and fresh idea and seeing it through to fruition which is something I personally don’t always excel at. He had the idea of putting together what we’ll call for now the Coosa River Jazz and Blues Festival. I mentioned in my previous piece how much I used to enjoy going to Montgomery’s Jubilee City Fest but that I haven’t been in several years because the quality and type of music I enjoyed seeing there wasn’t being offered anymore. I think many others who used to frequent Jubilee don’t attend any longer for this reason and various others as well..

I said all that to say this: I think the time for a new music festival has come nigh and that Wetumpka is just the place for it. We’ve talked on this blog before about how we wish there were more entertainment options here in our fair city and I think now is the time to start working toward making this idea a reality. Several of you shared suggestions and ideas before and I’m asking you to share them again, along with anyone else who’d like to see something like this happen here in Wetumpka. Our area has seen tremendous growth over the last several years and based on my conversations with others about this idea, it seems that Wetumpka and Elmore county could and would support such an undertaking. Let me know what you think. Keep the ideas coming fast and furious and watch the ATW Blog for your chance to get involved.

4 thoughts on “Remember That Time We Talked About a Music Festival in Wetumpka? Well…

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  1. Downtown is the perfect venue for a music fest — it would take some coordination by the city and the police department — but you set one stage for the lesser acts near the old theatre and the other for the more prominent acts on the courthouse steps. That would draw people into this area and would also be something unique that Wetumpka could capitalize on – it could be something the chamber and eceda could get behind too.

  2. Having the ECEDA involved was EXACTLY what I was thinking also! I agree totally with your idea of how it could be set up. Downtown is underutilized in my opinion, anyway. Right on the money as usual, Grif!

  3. The biggest problem I see with a music festival in downtown in going to be the parking issue. It's already a debacle during Riverfest, a music festival would need at least three times the crowd to be able to support itself, mix in parts of the event being at night and you're looking for trouble.Not an insurmountable obstacle, but a pretty big one that would have to be considered.

  4. This should be a once a month music festival/ street dance to promote municipal unity. Several vendors, preferably local, could come in to sell food. . .hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ, etc. Maybe arrangements could be made with 1st Baptist to park in their lots, also Civic Center/ Faith Rescue Mission Store. Start off with the month of June (Hello Summer), July(Independence Day) , and August (End of Summer/Back to School).

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