Anonymous Posters!

I put my name on everything I write on here. If you disagree with me, that is great. At least have the common courtesy to put your name on it. I can’t imagine why anyone who has an opinion on some of these things wouldn’t sign their name to it. I am copying below the comment left by Jeff Findley, owner and publisher of the Bainbridge, Georgia Post-Searchlight:

You know what bugs me more than just about anything? Someone to criticize, moan, complain, or otherwise just be miserable…and to do so anonymously. I make my living in the newspaper industry (yes, I still have a job and yes community newspapers are still very much relevant. If it wasn’t for newspapers, where do you think all the internet sites would get their news?) And if I get a letter that is not signed, it goes directly in the garbage. If I get a telephone call and the caller will not identify themselves, I end the call. The person above that didn’t appreciate Thad’s comments could have at least had the guts to let him know his/her identity. When I write an opinion piece that people don’t agree with, my photo, name, and contact information is in plain view. If you have a gripe, that’s fine. But at least do so with a name. Stand by your convictions and ideals, we can still be friends. A wise man once said: “If we all think the same way, then no one is thinking.” So to the person with paper-thin skin that doesn’t like adjectives, next time you go onto someone’s blog and want to cast aspersions about that person’s character, have the guts to sign your name.

All the best,
Jeff Findley

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