Q&A Suggestions

I’m thinking about doing some Q&A’s with some local officials, business and civic leaders, and all-around interesting people. The longer I’m in Wetumpka and the more the city grows, the more I discover there are lots of people I’d like to talk to or know more about. For instance, new Wetumpka Chief of Police, Celia Dixon. If there is someone you’d like to suggest as a subject I’d love for you to tell me. Post your suggestions in the comments section or email me at wetumpkanews@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Q&A Suggestions

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  1. Are you saying you’re not from around here? I suggest you do an interview with your father in-law (the mayor)about his view on indian gaming

  2. Another anonymous imbecile(imbecile is somewhere between moron and idiot). One that knows who you are because of the suggestion made and is going to use this blog to take jabs at you and you family. Get real dang anonymous clan! I have really enjoyed this blog, lots of fun and some interesting comments. Thanks Thad Posted by Wynn

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