News Update II

Oh, almost forgot about this! Was walking with Gabe into school this morning when I see a kid, maybe 9 years old, running towards us. I figured he had forgotten something. Then I see the crossing guard, Robin, running behind him and, using my keen sense of deductive reasoning, I determine that something may have gone horribly wrong here. When she yells at me, “CATCH HIM!” Then I’m sure of it.

At that point I spring into action and break down in my “I’m about to end this by grabbing you” stance. If the kid can get over his aversion to school, he might have a career as a running back because he then juked me out of my flip-flops with all the grace of Reggie Bush and suddenly cut left between two cars.

Not to be outdone, I dart, as much as a 40 year old fat guy can dart, between two cars and cut him off from the gate that leaves campus. He turns away from me and heads back toward Robin and Mr. Glass, who has joined in the fun, where he is taken down in the parking lot after about a 40 yard gain. Actually, he isn’t taken down, but picked up and carried back into the school kicking and screaming.

He was quick but he was no match for the very effective zone defense employed by Robin, Mr. Glass, and me. We knew we wouldn’t be able to match up with him man to man but could contain him if we played smart defense. It was a big win but we’ve got to let it go and focus on the next escape attempt.

My first order of business for next time will be to wear actual shoes rather than flip-flops. Tough to run in those. Can’t hear what people are yelling because of the loud pop, pop, pop, pop. We’ll be ready next time, though, aight!?!?

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  1. Of all days for Dan to help me out by taking the boys to school — I missed seeing this go down!!How is it that you seem to get yourself into so many of these types of circumstances? I never knew Wetumpka was such an exciting place.

  2. Just lucky I guess. Like Dan said to me at the ballpark the other night, “I hear you’ve been stirring up trouble.” It has a way of finding me. Makes for interesting stories at least. Thanks for reading!

  3. Okay, two things..1. A grown man should not be wearing flip flops to begin with.2. Why was the kid trying to escape? At age nine…he should have come to terms with the fact that he has to go to school….

  4. Thad, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with you wearing flip flops. Feet get hot too! Also, this would be a boring blog if all this great stuff didn’t happen to you!

  5. Thad, you did not share this little tid bit with me when you banged on my window this morning. Man, I must have just missed it!This totally made me laugh out loud! Literally, laugh out loud.Tiffany Singleton

  6. That was s great story, had me laughing out loud! I wonder why he was running? I hate to admit it, but I had a runner when he was in 5th grade. My youngest son. Amazingly, he out ran the coach and principal. The principal had the forsight to get in his car and catch him up the road from the school. (He had stopped at the cemetary to decide where to go from there, lol) Seems he was having difficulties with an aide and a student in ITS, unrelated to each other, and no one was listening. lol Well, he got their attention. (His older brother was in class and someone said Hey isn’t that your brother? and he said, uh yeah. I didn’t know he could run that fast. It’s funny, now) When “I” was called into the principal’s office, I do so hate that, I asked why was he running? You think I had asked if anyone had timed him and did he beat the school’s record for the 1/2 mile run. Well we got to the bottom of it with one of the assistant supers downtown, and corrected the problem. He got an extra 3 days ITS. They wanted to suspend him, that got my panties in a wad. Anyway….so anyone ever find out why he was running?Genie Webber

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