Guest Post #3 By Submitted By Michael Dozier

This picture explains everything…I compare Obama to a baby. Obama tells the American people that change is what we need and he is the man to bring that upon us. As far as the baby situation…a baby cries until you give them what they want because they don’t know any better. Obama is very similar…He tells you what you want to hear until you give him what he wants…power. I’m still trying to find out what kind of change he is going to bring because the only thing i have noticed is that we are 750 billion dollars more in debt…but i guess it will take 4-8 years before we see results like every president says. I’m not saying he is supposed to just snap his fingers and the economy be great but don’t preach about how much change you’re going to bring to the world and then push us back a fortune more in debt. But I have to say Obama was RIGHT on ONE thing…North Carolina winning the NCAA Championship in basketball. Let me remind you that this is a blog…feel free to comment however you may…everyone has their own opinion!!! Good Luck and God Bless!

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  1. Realistically, what kind of dramatic “change” can take place in 3 months? Are we setting the bar a bit high?Look at all Obama inherited when he took office, the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes; hot wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; an ongoing confrontation with al Qaeda; rising nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran; a broken Middle East Peace Process; a potential flu pandemic; and the lack of effective international policies on energy and climate change.The economy is, of course, still worrisome to say the least, but things seem to be looking up a bit. I say that from a personal perspective, as we own two businesses in Wetumpka. I think it will take much longer than three months to really see if this stimulus package has helped the U.S. or hurt us – maybe more like three years.Tiffany Singleton

  2. I am sooo tired of hearing about how poor Obama inherited this economy. Congresss controlls the purse strings and Congress is and has been controlled by Democrats and Obama was in Congress. Therefore, Obama contributed to the current economy. Bush could not and did not put us in this hole. The problem I had with Bush is that he spent money like a Democrat. His stimuls package did nothing to help us. Tax cuts work. That’s what stimulates spending. The evil rich aren’t the problem. When have you ever been employed by a poor person? His first 100 days have been down right destructive to this country. His glad handing Communist leaders and running around apologizing for our country is down right embaracing. I have seen nothing that he has done since taking office. Oh, I did see where he spent $380,000 in tax payer’s money on a photo op and terrorized hundreds of people in the process. Bush was not perfect, but Obama is dangerous. The government is taking over businesses, firing private company CEOs and printing money that we can’t back. My only hope is that what is going on now will wake up Conservatives and we can again take over Congress and start our fight to get back the White House. P.S. Upon rereading this comment I wanted to make sure Mrs. Singleton does not think any of this is directed at her. The “Look at all Obama inherited” statement is just wearing a little thin. Thanks.

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