What Alison Leach Would Do With The Old Food World Space…by, well, Alison Leach

My thoughts on the empty Food World lot…

This may be a sad attempt to further procrastinate writing my rather imminent final paper, but I thought this might get some interest/response.

As many of you know, the Wetumpka Food World went out of business due to Bruno’s crazy business management and recent bankruptcy–leaving a nice, spacious building completely empty.

I questioned whether or not anything would come to Wetumpka and fill this prime real estate…and even though I am skeptical, I would like to put in my thoughts.

While in high school, my friends and I were constantly on the road to Montgomery in hopes of finding something to do. To be quite honest, Wetumpka has slim pickings

So my suggestion: A bowling alley.

The reason I suggest a bowling alley instead of a movie theater is solely because we can already watch/rent movies, which somewhat quenches that thirst, albeit, not fully.

So why not recruit/pray/hope for a business that could provide entertainment for all ages??

Local churches could use it for youth and young adult events…boy and girl scouts could do end of the year parties here and I am sure kids would love bowling birthday parties. And it would be good for date nights, too! I am sure it would do quite nicely.

It could be fun for all ages…I am channeling the Alabama National Fair commercial right now, just so you know where I am coming from:

“People come from miles around,
From the farms and from the town,
Where excitement will be found,
Its the new Wetumpka Bowling Center!”

So, have I convinced anyone to start their own bowling alley business yet?? Please…?

6 thoughts on “What Alison Leach Would Do With The Old Food World Space…by, well, Alison Leach

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  1. I thought you would want to turn it into a grocery store and let your father manage it.Just kidding Alison. I have heard several people suggest that. I was even told someone was trying to get some people to go in with hem and open one there. I think it would do well.

  2. Nope, they moved Dad to Perry Hill Rd…so we’re all good there. :)You have given me some hope on the bowling alley situation…thanks Troy!

  3. I too have heard other people say that a bowling alley would be good there. I for one would LOVE it. I hate being forced to go to Montgomery or Prattville to be able to do fun stuff like that. I would much rather spend my money in the town I live in.

  4. I used to bowl on a league, and would again if it were in Wetumpka. I just have to plug and re-drill my ball and get bigger shoes, and I’d be ready! 🙂 I thought the old walmart would’ve been a good place for a bowling alley. Granted the food world building would not have room for a lot of lanes, but any port in the storm.Genie Webber

  5. I’m kinda late with this, but a bowling alley would be GREAT!!! A-Team: Meet here on the first Saturday night that it’s open! Next, Whatever SS Class: This will be the location of our next SS party!See, we’ve already booked parties! Woohoo!!!

  6. It's interesting that I found this site. I am writing a research proposal paper for AUM and like you, I am writing about starting a bowling alley at the old food world location in Wetumpka. Maybe I will present this proposal to a local alley once I'm done.

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