People eat those?

Gigi and I are going to a good, ol’ fashioned crawfish boil tonight. Is it suck the head and eat the tail or vice versa? Not a huge fan of the old mud-bug. I am a fan of the potatoes and corn and other fixins. Food that looks back at me is troubling. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Crawdads!?!

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  1. I bought my own cooker now . We are going to grill out soon and have corn , potatoes ,and sausage ( fixins) as the sides .Crawfish will be out of season soon . Can we count you in ?

  2. COUNT ME WAY IN! Next time I will let you teach me how to actually eat a crawfish on my own. If I can squeeze them in between the ‘taters!

  3. Thanks Tom ! Gigi should know how to prepare a crawfish for eating now . I showed her several times . You DON’T have to suck the heads . It’s kind of a waste of good tail eating time anyway . Consider yourself invited .

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