Say It Ain’t So, Gambler!

Anyone seen Kenny Rogers lately? There was a scene in some movie that I think starred Jim Carrey where he taped his face into all sorts of crazy positions. Kenny looks like someone taped his eyes open but I don’t see the tape. The Gambler should have a furrowed brow and sort of weathered skin. That certainly looked better than what he looks like now. It makes my eyes water every time I look at his picture because it doesn’t seem like he is able to blink his eyes at all.

I know that vanity can make us do some pretty crazy stuff, but to see what some celebrities have done to themselves is just plain frightening. If you Google “The 15 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters You Will Ever See” you will see some horrific, monstrous pictures of people who at the very least used to look “normal.” Some were even very attractive.

I would write more but I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon to get botox injections in my ears. I’m tired of people making fun of how tiny they are. Darn vanity.

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