Pursed Lips and Sideways Peace Signs

Someone explain to me why every young lady in a party-type situation who gets her picture taken does her lips like this(I’m sort of puckering them up like I’m about to kiss someone)? They also seem to always be doing some sort of sideways peace sign. Is this an attempt at looking thuggish? Just wondering. I’m 40 now and perhaps I am simply out of touch with the late teens, early twenties set.

Oh, and one more thing. For any teenage boys/young men who might read this: If I want to see men’s underwear I will look in the bathroom closet at my house. I don’t need to see yours. Pull your dang pants up! It can’t be comfortable constantly tugging at your pants to keep them from falling to your ankles and, quite frankly, you look silly.

Okay, just one more thing. Those of you with the booming, vibrating cars…I get it. I’ve been there. Used to love riding around listening to Run DMC and Whodini. Enjoy it while you still have your hearing. But PLEASE turn it down when you are at the gas station! There is no reason I should have to crank up Manilow to keep my kids from hearing some guy spout forth all kinds of vile obscenities from your car. Have a little respect for the people around you.

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  1. I am not sure why young ladies are looking like they do these days period!! As for the rest of your post I agree completely….Pull your pants up….boys and girls. I don’t want to see the girls thongs any more than I want to see boys boxers.And your right turn down the music. People these days don’t have enough respect for the people around them.

  2. STILL not anonymous, I just can’t discover any other way to post yet. Ok Thad, kudos for hitting two of my nerves back to back this week. I think you are trying to run my pressure up.The whole pants down around the nether region thing is plain stupid. I cant wait to loathe any young man who should think he can come calling on my daughter with his fruits (short for Fruit of the Looms and made short for effect) showing. As I sit here today I promise you I will invite the young man to my shop and introduce him to Mr. Staple Gun.This is somewhat of a throw back to the reply I sent yesterday about the whole parents don’t need to be their children’s friends, they need to be their parents. I assure you that had I walked in the house in that condition, once my father was done laughing, he would have worn me out to the point that not only would I want pants covering my rear, but a pillow as well. Degradation of societal values and morals is what we are and have been watching decline. People either don’t care or they want their kids to “express themselves”. I get the whole expressing yourself through art stuff, but buddy, this aint art.

  3. I am not very old ( at least I don’t think I am :o) and I agree totally! When some guy has to walk around holding his pants up it seems really silly to me. I mean what if he needed two hands for something? Would he just let his pants fall down? As for the loud music, I can’t understand for the life of me why people driving through my neighborhood think I want to hear their crap all the way in my house!

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