We talked about this on my Facebook page for the blog a few weeks ago. If anyone is still interested, I’m going to be ordering some t-shirts in the next couple of weeks. It will just be a picture of the logo at the top of the blog page with the title of the blog. If you’d like one, they’ll be $10.00 which will cover the cost of producing the shirt. Specify the size you’d like and whether you’d like a black or a white shirt. The color that gets the most requests will be the color we’ll order. As far as paying for the shirts, If you are in the Wetumpka area, you can come by my work. I am at Bridgeway Wireless in downtown Wetumpka, directly across from the Wetumpmka Civic Center and City Hall. If that won’t work, just let me know and we’ll figure out another way to do it. Email your size and color preference to me at wetumpkanews@gmail.com. I will place the order in a couple of weeks so that anyone who might want one has a chance to order one. Not that anyone will. Thanks!

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  1. I'm thinking just the title of the blog and the picture, just like it is on here. With pic on the front unless everyone prefers the back.

  2. ok…so, personally, i'm an auburn fan but…i think with the colors in your little logo dealio on this site, i think you should have red t-shirts. not bright holtville/slapout fire dept. red. that kind of muted, faded red. i'd say crimson but i'm not sure i'd live that down if i requested a crimson shirt. anyway, i'm pretty sure they have them at most of the print shops now. just my $.02 for what it's worth…not much i'm guessing. i'm just a soccer mom after all. if red, however, is not an option, i'm all for white. because well…have you been outside lately? it's only getting hotter. maybe they'll all sell out and you can offer a long sleeved black in the fall? glass half-full, right? happy t-shirt making! :o)

  3. oh, and yes, on the back gets my vote, too. i think shirts with big logos on the front make those of us who are wide feel even wider. :o)

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