By: Thad Hankins

Who says the art of conversation is dead?

That is sarcasm. Last night, I was sitting at the computer blogging/Facebooking while Gigi sat on the couch watching TV. We were about 30 feet apart, maybe. Rather than have a conversation face-to-face, we texted each other. About 15-20 times.

Then, this morning before I left for work, I was sitting out on the back patio in the swing. I opened the back door and announced to my wife that I was sitting in the swing for a few minutes if she wanted to join me. She did and we both sat, blackberry in hand, perusing Facebook for ten minutes.

It’s kind of funny. But it’s also sort of sad. I love to talk. I often talk too much. But it has become so easy to simply email or text message or use Facebook or Myspace or even write on a blog that I find myself in situations like this all the time. Too much of my time is spent staring at the flickering screen of the computer when there are three other human beings in my house I could be interacting with. I’m pretty sure that is not a good thing.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to bring actual verbal exchanges between people back to the forefront as a primary means of communication, send me a text. TTYL!

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  1. Since you are a "late night person", dont turn your computer on at home for emailing or blogging or whatever else until after G, G, and G are in the bed…….I know they dont stay up as late as you do…….NS

  2. I have seen several dangerous intersections in and around Wetumpka. They aren't dangerous because of how they are designed but because people make them that way. All you have to do is travel south on Hwy 231 and you will see many people run the red lights at the intersections along this route. Ed Pullen's death brought this out full force this week for me. I travel through Wallsboro, through the red light at Hwy 9 and Hwy 14 many times throughout the week and I have seen people pull out and block both lanes in Wallsboro-while traveling way under the speed limit there is still no where to go when someone blocks both lanes, I have sat at Hwy. 9 and 231 and watched cars fly through the red lights, I have sat at Hwy. 14 and 231 and have watched cars fly through the intersection. How many deaths and injuries do we have to have in order for it to stop?

  3. Well, well, well! What do you think of the Elmore County Bd. of Ed Meeting tonight? I think the W.E.S. contingent handled their selves with respect and dignity, but I also believe they were talked to like they were dirt beneath the shoes of some of the Bd. Members. Why would the Superintendent and the Bd. allow a county employee to talk to the public the way they did. It seemed that she was put up to her little speech, but it backfired when her tone and speech was disparaging. It doesn't bode well for our county and school system when this type of speech is prepared ahead of time and given in a disapproving tone to concerned adults. I not only feel she disparaged the parents at the meeting she also disparaged the teachers who teach at W.E.S. I don't see a favorable outcome unless the Board of Education gets off their duff and unite to fix the problem at hand! This is where I change the subject and tell the Board that I want a neighborhood school too!!! Come north and find out how long our children have to ride the bus to get to school, but I don't have anything to gain or trade in order to get what is truly beneficial for ALL our children. Maybe a vote or two, a large piece of land, oh, a private-public school for my children and my neighbors. I have sat at a Board of Ed. or two and it's truly amazing what takes place at them. Please get out and vote for people who will stand up for the people and stand by the people. See you at the next meeting.

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