AFV Carseat Singer – Baby Barry ManilowThe best bloopers are here

I’ve taken a lot of heat over the years for being a Barry Manilow fan, or Fanilow as we are sometimes called. I’ve been to two of his concerts and would go to Vegas for another if it didn’t cost so much to fly across the country. I suppose it’s understandable, though. It’s not every day that a guy who grew up in Slapout, Alabama can sing all the words to just about every hit Barry’s ever had.

In fact, a gay friend actually made fun of me for being a Fanilow! He said, “I don’t even like Barry Manilow.” What can I say? I love a good love song and there are none better than Barry’s! Someone is raising this kid right. I just hope they are teaching him not to be too thin-skinned! Had we had anything but an AM radio in our LTD when I was four years old, this might have been me. Singing to static just isn’t as cute as this.

I feel sad when you’re sad. I feel glad when you’re glad. If you only knew what I’m going through…

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