Everybody Chill.

Who was the first person to dress themselves and their husband/boyfriend in a white, gauzy shirt and khaki pants and get someone to take their picture on the beach? Is it possible that my home is the only one in the state that doesn’t have one of these pictures of my family? Funny thing is, I actually have pictures on my PC that my wife has taken of other people’s families in this attire. And, it’s not always at the beach. In someone’s flower garden, at a park, but the beach seems to be the most common.

Not that there’s anything wrong with these pictures. They look very nice and everyone, especially dad, looks very comfortable in their loose-fitting white shirt and khakis rolled about halfway up to their knees. I wish I could dress like that all the time. I think it’s called the “I’m chillin'” look.

I’m being serious here, is this a fad that has just become popular over the last several years or have I simply been unaware of how common it was to have a picture like this? If you walk out onto the beach just before sunset do you see roving bands of barefoot, comfortably dressed people intimidating other more scantily clad beach-goers? “Take off that swimsuit and put on this puffy shirt and these Dockers right now or you’ll be sorry! I don’t care how hot it is out here!” “I don’t care if you get your pants wet or not, STAND IN THE EDGE OF THE WATER AND SMILE FAINTLY, NOW!”

Most of these pictures really are beautiful. I love photography and can appreciate how difficult it must be getting everyone to cooperate so that you can get a good shot, especially if there are kids involved. I’m just thinking it may be time for someone to start a new photography fad.

Who’s up for bikinis and speedos with flip-flops standing by the fountain at the mall?

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  1. Thad,first of all, let me say, "hahahahahahahahaahahaa!" I can't even begin to tell you how many of these sessions I have suffered through. My mom likes to do them yearly, with the way the grandchildren continue to grow in number and size. Her walls are FILLED with these white/khaki pictures at the lake or the beach. I even had to participate in a session with Chase's family, so I can agree with you- Let's start a new fad!!

  2. Hahahahaha! Actually I'm seeing a trend toward more color in family pictures. Black shirts and blue jeans, coordinating pastels, coordinating shades of brown, etc. It's all about keeping it simple and the focus on the faces and not the attire. 🙂

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