Redland Elementary School Tabbed for Expansion

This article is in today’s Montgomery Advertiser. What do you think about the prospect of spending a large amount of money on additions to a brand new school, during proration and a struggling economy, when there are ten empty and unused classrooms at Wetumpka Elementary School? Is the Elmore County BOE being a good steward of public funds? Is there another solution? Is this much ado about nothing? Share your thoughts.

The Elmore County Board of Education, an equal opportunity employer, will hold a special called board meeting on Monday, August 31, 2009, at 6:00 p.m., in the Elmore County Board of Education Board Room, located at 100 H. H. Robison Drive, Wetumpka, AL. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the 2009-2010 budget, capital plan, and personnel items.

Board Plans to Expand Redland School

7 thoughts on “Redland Elementary School Tabbed for Expansion

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  1. Just a question? Is common sense simply taken away when you become a political figure. Reporter: "Well Mr. Soinso just became the district 5 representative, and there he is getting sworn in and boxing up his common sense for his term. You know they aren't allow to hold on to that while in office." Mr. Soinso: "Here Dear, you hold on to my common sense. Put it in a safe place. I would like it back when my term is up."Sorry just me rambling. But it makes you wonder doesn't it?????

  2. You are, unfortunately, just about right on that. I'm not sure what happens, but common sense becomes far less common when one is elected to public office. It's almost scary!

  3. Its not just common sense that is boxed up and put away, its integrity!!! Why present an expansion at a Special Called Board Meeting with part of the Board missing? Was it an emergency? I believe it was underhanded! They knew there was a controversy over the empty classrooms at other schools and the lines for the districting. This was an important issue but not an emergency that came up after the regular scheduled meeting. Even though it was posted shortly before the meeting, probably to meet all guidelines of the law, this should have waited until the next regular scheduled board meeting. But what about moral issues! Is the board able to sleep at night! Does their conscious bother them, or are they so deep in denial that they can actually go about their business and face the public? Shame on them and their cronies!!!!

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