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Matt Schulz, age 36, of 1501 Taylor Oaks Circle, was arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution during a sting Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009.

I saw this picture in the paper last week and thought it was very funny for some reason. Thought I’d put it up for all of you to share in the joy while I finish a post concerning the large group of Americans who are very easily offended.

Anyway, this picture is from the Montgomery Advertiser, via the Montgomery Police Department, from a prostitution sting last week.

I’ve seen a lot of mug shots in newspapers and on TV which are quite funny. This one jumped out at me for some reason and is begging for a caption.

I’ve never been particularly good at the whole “CAPTION THIS PIC” thing. Maybe some of you are. What was this guy saying or thinking when this picture was being taken?

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  1. "what? who had to clean up the prostitutes' vomit on the front steps of the courthouse? thad who? he's your what? your son in law? holy lord! mr. mayor, i apologize. i had no idea."

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