Newspaper Links on the Latest Wetumpka City Council Meeting

Today’s Wetumpka Herald has an excellent account of the latest Wetumpka City Council meeting and how the council eliminated Christmas bonuses for city employees this year. Click here to read David Goodwin’s story.

The Montgomery Advertiser also has a story today on the meeting that focuses on the controversy surrounding the laying of sod at the new ballpark and whether or not Carter Sod Farms can be paid for all of the sod that was laid. Click the link below for that story.

Council Eliminates Christmas Bonuses

Wetumpka Council Discusses How to Resolve Sod Issue

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  1. Yep, read it! Someone needs to call the Wetumpka Herald and tell them they DID NOT GET THE STORY QUITE RIGHT!The real reason the employees didn't get their whatever you want to call it, bonus, safety award, etc. was not because the money wasn't there or the city is broke per KHOLT, IT WAS ANOTHER ATTACK AGAINST THE MAYOR…Sorry, councilpeople, it's just not going to work. It seems the employees love their mayor. Take what you want, but leave their mayor alone, please.As for John Carter, WOW son! you have taken more than any human man on this earth could take – You know, "Thanks for the Gift to the City" If your reputation survives this attack, I will be amazed….. this is just not good….

  2. Worried…Your posts are great! I'm not sure that everything these people do, EVERYTHING, isn't designed to damage the mayor somehow.

  3. My daughter just pointed out to me that the article in the Herald appears to infer that WES and WMS will not receive their appropriations unless the principals attend the next meeting. Do you know what the history is on receiving these appropriations? Do the principals normally attend to have them approved?

  4. Wait, were going to not give this bonus, then buy a flag pole at a bid $3000 higher than the lower bidder, for a park that isnt accessable yet as well as not pay for grass that was installed at said park. Man, can I write the screen play?

  5. Lisha…neither of the principals of the schools in question even asked for the money. It appears as though the council simply wants them to sort of "beg" for the money. Just my opinion. I could be wrong. The principals do not normally have to attend the meeting. In fact, both of the principals had previous engagements. Steve…You could never be a politician. You use logic too much!

  6. After readings Steve’s post I had to check into things a little deeper. I am finding out some interesting things by checking deeper. First of all I spoke to people that were at the meeting and some that weren’t but have some great info. I am disturbed, greatly. Councilwoman Holt was amongst those not wanting to give the employees their year ending bonus. Call it whatever you want, it’s a bonus and not much of one in today’s economy. Some of these people most likely count on this. While they shouldn’t, they most likely do. So her beef with giving this bonus was that the “money isn’t there”. Yet later in that same meeting they chose to accept a bid for $3000 more than the lower bidder on a VERY LARGE flag pole and like was pointed out for a park that isn’t open/accessible. All of this only two weeks after Ms. Holt and two others from the council took a trip on the City’s dime to Texas (I think it was Texas). So we don’t have money to give to the people that keep the City running, yet we can take a trip and accept high bids on flag poles. I think an 8 year old and a box of Crayola’s could do the math on this one and figure out that if you have money to waste, then you should save it for things that really count. By the way, why an 80’ flag pole? I’m just as patriotic as the next person (well, maybe more so actually). But I don’t become MORE patriotic because someone put up a larger flag pole. I get the same benefit from any size pole. No, in this case, size doesn’t matter.

  7. Hey West Side Wizard:I like the way you think. Very interesting! You are certainly "Smarter than an 8th Grader".Speaking of the trip to Texas, I'm sure these idiots filled out expense reports and charged to the city no telling what. I think the public should ask to see their expense reports. Especially Kathy Holt's & Lewis Washington's. After all, they are public record, right? I would like to know how much alcohol was consumed, and charged to the tax payers and also, if they paid "valet" parking and charged it to the tax payers. I was told that Kathy Holt sometimes takes her mother along with her on some of these annual trips. I wouldn't put it past her if the taxpayers didn't pay for her mother's trip. Does anyone know where I can see a copy of their expense report? I think these people ought to be scrutinized just like they scrutinize the mayor.

  8. If they are worried about the money not being there why don’t they start trying to annex some of the PJ. The people that live in the PJ get the city services for free, except for the fee bill money that goes to the fire departments (which everyone needs to pay). I live in the PJ and get the benefits, but I do not get to vote for who is in office, and not paying for something is not right to me. I figure that would increase the tax base a good bit and there are several business in that area also. Just my two cents.

  9. This is actually Thad, I'm just too lazy to sign Gigi out and me in. But I'm sure she agrees. Your two cents makes lots of sense. Half the council, though, is to busy ruining things for the rest of us.

  10. Well Drew, while that sounds like a wonderful and simplistic idea, as I understand it there was a lot of opposition to that idea the last time it was tried. Of course, last time there was an all or nothing option. There was 3 or 4 areas that were to be annexed or nothing. Now I for one think that the Council and Mayor at the time knew it wasnt going to fly, so they did that to keep other areas out. Bottom line, a friendly annexation is better than a hostile take over. If its a take over, then people begin to conjure (pun intended) things up. There has to be some consessions from Councilwoman Holt, Councilman Washington, and Councilman Hammock in working with this Mayor and other Councilmen. Not only is it the right thing to do, its also what will move this City forward in all directions, including their own. Likewise, those that seem to be on the other side of these threes issues, will certainly need to understand that its a two way street.

  11. Astute observations, Wizard. Neither side can win them all. EVERYONE on the council would do well to heed your advice. My fear is that the gang of three don't care what you or I or anyone else think. Making sure the mayor is hamstrung may be the overriding factor for them. It is difficult to believe that Mr. Washington has found not one, but TWO people who are willing to buy into his totally selfish way of thinking.

  12. Well Thad, this all seems to me to be headed into the abyss known as stalemate. Sort of like a black hole, seems to be a lot of stuff floating around out there but nothing is getting back out. There are many Cities in Alabama and abroad, if leaving our State is truly traveling like I have been led to believe all of my years, that have things in place to make sure that progress is controlled and in a way themed. Look to Auburn and others like them. There are master plans in place to make sure that when growth does happen, it fits into a scheme that is aesthetic and practical. They too have had their troubles with groups within groups like on the City Council there. However someone had the forethought to know that growth will happen. Before those plans could be in place though, people had to be in agreement. People had to care about the City they live in and the Council’s of past and future had to genuinely care as well.Growth will happen here, maybe not during this Councils time given the stifling of ideas and progress, but it will happen. This Council and many more to come should position themselves to be ready so that the growth is that of which makes Cities great the world over. Needless to say, there are obviously single Council members this time that have personal agendas and vendettas to get out of the way first. I’m sure that all of them ran their race wanting a better Wetumpka. I know on the west side that’s exactly what we were hearing. Unfortunately, that’s not the results we are seeing. I like this blog, I think it’s good and I wish more people would get involved. Since my first post I have been leaving the castle more and digging deeper into the people that are running the City in which I live. I think more people should do that, it’s really becoming an eye opener.Now back to the daily grind, just where did I put my wand?

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