Should Redland Incorporate?

Since some of the comments on my last entry on the latest Wetumpka city council meeting brought up the possibility of the Redland Community incorporating, I thought it might be interesting to see what some of you think. So, what do you think?

Should Redland remain as it is now, an unincorporated community? Should they seek to become a city? Should they be annexed into the city of Wetumpka? What are the benefits/liabilities of any of these choices?

I don’t suppose I really have an opinion yet. Maybe I can form one based on some of your input, provided there is any input. The last Redland resident to comment here said this was a “pathetic blog” which may mean nobody who cares even reads it. I hope I’m wrong.

2 thoughts on “Should Redland Incorporate?

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  1. In my opinion, incorporating Redland into a town is just a bunch of talk right now. There are no immediate plans, that I know of, to incorporate anytime soon. You have to have the resources to fund things such as police, fire and utility services and Redland is in no position to do that. From what I undertand the need to incorporate a town comes from a tremendous amount of not only new home growth, but busiess growth, which you would need to sustain a community. Business wise right now, in the metropolis of Redland, we have The Redland Market, the Emerald Mountain Gas Station and the toll road and I don't believe that would generate enough tax revenue to support a city government or city services. Most of the people I know in Redland wouldn't even want to incorporate if we could because all it will do is raise our taxes at this point.

  2. Well said, Tiffany! That is also the feeling of the handful of people who have mentioned it to me. Other than the possibly fictitious Dr. Houser, that is.

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