I Can’t Believe This Actually Surprises Me

Aren’t liberals supposed to be the super intelligent, open minded, tolerant element of our society? At least that’s what they like to say about themselves. That is until someone’s views differ from theirs. Then, through organizations like the ACLU and NOW among others, they seek to discredit and silence any individual or group who dares publicly speak a word that isn’t in lockstep with their superior beliefs. This article from the Associated Press is the perfect example. A major network, CBS, actually finds itself in the odd position of being protested by the left. It feels strange for me to say this about the network that gave us the Dan Rather/President Bush fiasco but CBS got this one right. What in the world is offensive about the story of Tim Tebow? Why is it so evil to celebrate life and family? Read for yourself…CBS Urged to Scrap Super Bowl Ad With Tebow, Mom

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe This Actually Surprises Me

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  1. I have heard Focus On The Family short daily segments before with Dr. James Dobson, and I appreciate them. I agree with the majority of the broadcast, but every now and then may hold a different opinion. I am glad that it is drawing so much attention and controversy. It will actually increase interest in the National event. Hey its not exposing the female breast at the half time show which this year will include "The Who" who's lead singer Pete Townsend is a registered sex offender for viewing child pornography. You don't see these groups opposing this.

  2. Therein lies the incredible irony! I don't care who says that this ad will be offensive, it isn't! They are lying when they say that to suit their own radical agenda. If they truly cared about offensiveness, they would have mentioned what you did.

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