Maybe He Could Just Say "Shmadical Shmislam"

Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking at a House Judiciary Committee Meeting last week made himself look foolish…again. There’s nothing particularly unusual about that I suppose, but this time he really got my blood boiling. After stating that the Justice Department is considering a lawsuit to block Arizona’s new immigration law that has drawn so much controversy, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) asked Mr. Holder, “Have you read the Arizona law?” Holder answered, “I have not had a chance. I grant that I have not read it.” Is this not the height of arrogance? For the Attorney General of the United States to threaten to file a lawsuit against a state for a law it passed without having read that law is unfathomable to me. What it says to me is that Mr. Holder thinks that he can say whatever he wants and that the American people will simply defer to him because of his position. This, of course, is in keeping with smug, self-righteous attitude exhibited by practically every member of this current administration and all it’s minions in congress. Especially from the man at the top who, while he can deliver a rousing speech, possesses an ego of epic proportions. Mr. Holder and the rest of the Obama administration never leave campaign mode and seem to be more interested in creating good sound bytes for the masses of reporters who blindly follow them as if they were some modern day pied piper.

In another exchange during the same meeting, this one with Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Mr. Holder refused to say that radical Islam might have been a contributing factor, if not the sole reason, for the Fort Hood shootings, the attempted Christmas day attack, and the attempted Times Square attack. Tea Party supporters are regularly ridiculed and mocked and spoken of in all manner of derogatory terms and yet Mr. Holder goes to ridiculous lengths to keep from uttering the words “radical Islam.” What is the issue here? The lunatics from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas call themselves Christians. If they are, then it is certainly some form of radical Christianity which is not consistent with the teaching of scripture as I understand it. I’m perfectly comfortable saying that as well as calling them fanatical lunatics. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE! I’m not saying that every Muslim is a terrorist who wants to blow up innocent people here in America. I am saying that pretty much every terrorist appears to be a Muslim who practices some form of radical Islam which drives them to kill. That is not racist or discriminatory or intolerant in my view. It is a fact.

I wish that this administration would stop falling all over itself trying to be politically correct and just do something constructive for a change. Stop threatening Arizona and do something to protect the citizens there from the crimes committed by illegal immigrants who easily cross over the apparently porous border. I think that Arizona’s law-abiding citizens are safe to go have an ice cream at the ice cream shop without being shot with a taser or strip searched. Stop going off half-cocked about everything and practice a little common sense for once. You’re embarrassing us for goodness’ sake. Dang (now you’ve made me use a bad word)!

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