We2 Food Guru Takes on Casa Napoli and The Stockyard Grill

Target: Casa Napoli
Target Address: 2215 US Hwy 231, Wetumpka Alabama
Service: Dine in/or Carry Out – Lunch and Dinner Menu

Had the opportunity to have a nice relaxing dinner after working in the yard all day in the hot sun. Showered up and set my sights on Casa Napoli, Wetumpka’s little secret on the hill. I almost don’t want to pen this review for fear of word getting out in the River Region about this place. Once I do, I may never get another seat.

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the very thing that drew my attention there a few days before was gone, and that was them advertising Seafood Manicotti on the marquee. I was a little heartbroken, but not enough to make me turn and walk away though.

We proceeded inside and were seated at a candle lit table. I enquired about the advertised special from a few days before and to my surprise our waiter went and asked the Chef if he still had the makings for the special that was no longer. He did, and you guessed it, I ordered it.

Just before our food arrived, the lights left. Apparently the storm blowing up that day was not conducive to keeping the power on. Not to worry though. We were in no hurry and there was candle light. When the food arrived a short time later, my Seafood Manicotti  was perfect, my wife had ordered Veal Parmesan and our little one had settled on straight up Spaghetti. All three dishes were as always, presented well and tasted wonderful.

Guru Grade – Overall they receive a 94 out of 100 points. Their Wait Staff and Food are always on target. Of the times we have eaten there, we have never had any issues with either. While the parking situation is so much better than it was with the new paving, its still an older location land locked on all four sides. So even though they went through great trouble to fix it, they had only so much to start with. Now for all of you River Region people outside of Wetumpka, forget you ever read this, this is OUR diamond leave it alone. All jokes aside, this family run business is well worth the drive from anywhere in Central Alabama. It’s a perfect place for Date Night!!

Target: Stockyard Grill
Target Address: 4500 Mobile Highway, Montgomery Alabama
Service: Dine in/or Carry Out – Breakfast and Lunch menu (Average entrée – $10.00)

This is a place that I have gone to a few times now for breakfast and for lunch. When it comes to breakfast, moooooo-ve over Hardees, Stockyard Grill is hands down the best breakfast value on the south end of Montgomery. This time I ordered their “Stockyard Special” which includes two eggs cooked to order, grits, choice of 5 different meats; toast or biscuit and a drink for $5.35. The eggs were ordered and delivered Over Easy. I went with the smoked sausage and it had a great taste. The grits were cooked perfectly and lightly buttered. I asked if the biscuits were homemade and they were not, so I ordered toast. However the nice lady waiting on me brought me a biscuit anyway to try out. I guess she could tell I was famished. Well, the toast was the choice to go with. While the biscuit was edible, it didn’t have any wow factor to it. There are other breakfast plates available and of course there is an al-a-Carte menu as well.

Let’s talk Lunch, as I have been there before for lunch. They serve salads ($6.36-$6.95), Burgers ($5.65-$6.65), Steaks (that vary in price) and a really good rotating menu of Lunch Specials ($7.35) that includes 2 Meat/3 veggies/Bread and Beverage. My favorite though, the Ribeye Sandwich. That’s right, an honest to goodness hand cut 5oz Ribeye, cooked to order and nestled between two halves of a soft bun. It’s just the right amount of beef on the right amount of bread. In other words that thing hangs off both sides and you better get your fork ready. Also they have a business card and on the back if you buy 5 Lunch Specials, the 6th one is on them.

They serve breakfast from 8am until 10am. Lunch is served from 10:30am until 2pm. The lunch crowd is much larger and a short wait may be in order, however it’s well worth that wait. Next time you are in the area, give them a try.

Guru Grade – Over all they get a 91 out of 100 points on the scorecard. The parking lot could use some work, but that may not be their entire fault since it is the Montgomery Stockyards Facility. The building is old, sort of smells like a Stockyard but not in the restaurant. During lunch you’re most likely to hit a wait time for a table to clear, but when it does the staff is quick to turn it around. All in all, great hidden gem on the south side of Montgomery. You may even want to buy a cow while you are there.

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