Gambling Fight in Alabama Heats Up; Rep. Mask Speaks Out

I won’t expound on it right now. I can’t imagine what else I can say to more clearly state my case against the so-called “electronic bingo machines” that have become so prevalent in our state. Slot machines is what they are and anyone who says otherwise is simply is either a lawyer, a politician, a gambling magnate, or just not very bright. Last I heard, this type of gaming was illegal in the state of Alabama. But, alas, I said I wouldn’t dwell on it right now. Suffice it to say that I am happy that my state representative for the 31st district, Barry Mask, sees House Bill 154, which was passed Wednesday by the House Tourism and Travel Committee, as nothing more than a farce intended to expand casino gambling in Alabama and allow casino owners to be exempt from paying taxes.

Stay the course Rep. Mask! Fight the good fight and make us proud!

Read about this bill here and here.

You can see the bill in its entirety here.

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  1. I notice that everyone is staying away from commenting on this one. That’s interesting. I know a lot of you that have told me personally that you didn’t like the idea of a casino in Wetumpka, and I get the feeling that every day it is here it becomes just a little easier to accept. Sort of like that ugly sweater that Grandma knitted years ago, that you have never really liked, but as long as it stays in the end of the closet, it’s sort of ok.I read the whole bill and the parts of the Code of Alabama that the bill cross references. This is strong people, this closes the door on the State being able to benefit from gambling, and makes the foot hold of gambling even tougher to remove. I don’t go to the casinos, although I have heard that the food is really good. I don’t play the lottery in Florida or Georgia with any kind of regularity; it’s more of a novelty to buy a $5 lottery ticket than a requirement when I am in those states. However, I make more than enough money to cover that ten bucks every year. I wonder how many people in Wetumpka, North Montgomery and Shorter can say that tonight.It’s a shame that the State and City aren’t able to gather revenue from the Indian owned and run casinos. To me it’s a business like any other, there to make money just like Wal-Mart, the Gas Stations or Eating Places.This bill is bad in that it’s a powerful piece of legislation. I have come to like Mr. Mask over time and feel that his heart and mind are in the right place. I wish him luck in leading the charge on this and feel that people should get behind him.

  2. I was in River Oaks recently and noticed a vehicle leaving the casino. It was driven by an elderly man who appeared to have had a "rough life". The two back windows of his car were missing the glass and were covered by duct tape and plastic. His rear bumper appeared to be attached with duct tape as well. Couldn't help but think that he might have had a little better use for whatever money he spent gambling. AT LEAST he may have been able to buy a fresh roll of duct tape. Sad. And condoned by our federal government as a tax exempt operation.

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